Report Studio Workshop - Shared Layout Components

An overview of the shared layout components that can be shared both within a single report and between multiple reports. The Layout Cache is also described and how it allows for automatic or manual updates of shared objects.

01 January 2009

IBM Cognos 8 introduces a new capability for Layout Component References. In IBM Cognos ReportNet 1.x these objects would allow an author to reuse objects within a single report. IBM Cognos 8 extends this capability and allows objects to be reused among many reports rather than just the current report. This document illustrates the use of the layout component reference and identifies the methods available for updating the layout objects obtained from other reports.

In this article

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction
  • Behind the scenes
  • Layout component library
  • Using the shared library objects
  • Run-time updates
  • Manual updates
  • Cascading references
  • Shared layout component and templates
  • Conclusion


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