IBM DB2 Webcast Series for Oracle Professionals

More than ever, the community of technical database professionals is very interested in learning about IBM® DB2® for Linux®, UNIX®, and Windows®.

IBM has created a webcast series designed to explore key facets of DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows. The approach in the design of this series is:

We hope this series of learning activities helps you discover the advantages of IBM DB2, including PL/SQL compatibility, autonomics, scalability, and much more.

Webcasts in this series

  • IBM DB2 Top Ten Technologies
    This webcast is the introduction to the series and is recommended as the first one to listen to. It covers the top 10 technologies in IBM DB2 for LUW that make DB2 easier to own, use and manage. Transcript
  • DB2 Concepts and Terminology for Oracle Professionals
    Attendees of our IBM DB2 Workshop for Oracle Professionals often are surprised to learn that DB2 is not all that different from what they already know. But there are a few differences in terminology. This webcast is a short overview of the differences in this terminology. Transcript
  • DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition
    In this webcast, we provide an overview and update of IBM DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server Edition, a single part number that provides an advanced database and rich tooling. Learn more about the valuable tools included in this product at an attractive price. Transcript
  • DB2 Advanced Recovery Solutions
    This webcast introduces three tools that comprise the DB2 Advanced Recovery Solution: DB2 Recovery Expert, DB2 Merge Backup, and High Performance Unload. In this webcast, you'll learn how this solution brings a very high degree of availability and reliability to your DB2 database. Transcript

Additional learning options

If you want to continue your learning for IBM DB2 for LUW, you have several options offered at no charge:

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