Empower students with database skills for a Smarter Planet.

The IBM DB2 Academic Associate program is exclusively for the university community. The preparation course teaches relational database concepts while also providing students with critical, hands-on database skills on IBM’s DB2 and Data Studio software. Smarter Planet solutions rely on an ever growing amount of data. Learn how to be smart about managing that data with this no-charge academic course and IBM exam.

Target audience

This course is for third or fourth year undergraduate computer science or computer engineering students who have taken (or are concurrently taking) a relational database course. Graduate students in engineering or business who already have relational database knowledge are also eligible for this course. Instructors who teach the course can also take this course and the exam.

Instruction method

This course is required to be conducted as a classroom course which includes hands-on labs. The instructor can prepare to teach the content either by attending the course or by thoroughly reviewing the course content, including the labs. Easily review the course content by taking the video version of the course at bigdatauniversity.com, viewing the videos on the course DVD, or reviewing the Instructor's guide notes from the Academic Initiative CE302A courseware.

The instructor can be a faculty member, an IBM employee, or a business partner. Business partners cannot charge the university or the students for teaching the course.

University faculty members must be a member of the IBM Academic Initiative to teach this course. The Academic Initiative program is available at no charge to qualified faculty members.

The instructor or a designated class manager must also ensure that all of the Class organization steps have been fulfilled before allowing a student to take the exam.

Course modules

  • Lesson 1: Relational database concepts (Lab)
  • Lesson 2: Getting started with DB2 (Lab)
  • Lesson 3: Getting started with Data Studio (Lab)
  • Lesson 4: Introduction to SQL and database objects (Lab)
  • Lesson 5: Data Concurrency and Locking (Lab)
  • Lesson 6: Database Security (Lab)
  • Lesson 7: Backup and Recovery (Lab)
  • Lesson 8: DB2 pureXML (Lab)
  • Lesson 9: DB2 Application Development (Lab)
  • Lesson 10: Troubleshooting (Lab)
  • Lesson 11: The Next IM Frontier – Big Data

Lab exercises

Participants try out their knowledge with hands-on labs using IBM's world-class database product, DB2 on Linux. Lab setup is easy with the pre-installed and configured Linux virtual image that is provided.

Hands-on lab exercises are integrated into the course and are critical to successful completion of the course and exam.

The Class organization tab provides additional information about the computer requirements for the virtual image.

Obtaining course materials

Course materials are available on the IBM Academic Initiative site in the Teach section. The course materials can be downloaded and used for teaching this course.

The course materials also include the DB2 virtual image, which can be placed on lab machines for lab exercises.

A DVD copy of all course materials can be requested for each student in the course. Further information is available in the Class organization tab. Students may keep and continue to use this material, including the freely available virtual image, if they agree to the license terms.

The course materials are available in the Teach section of the Database Design and Management page under the title (CE302A) DB2 Academic Associate Exam Classroom Resources. Course materials are currently available in English only.