For these downloads, go to the Unstructured Information Management Architecture SDK for Intel, Java, Linux, Windows 2000, Windows XP download page.

DescriptionNameSizeDownload method
Zip file for V1.4.5; run the fixup after unzippingUIMA_SDK_1_4_5.zip14.8MBHTTP
UIMA SDK Linux Installer-OmniFind/DB2 WarehouseUIMA_SDK_1_4_5_setupLinux.bin116MBHTTP*
UIMA SDK Windows installer-OmniFind/DB2 WarehouseUIMA_SDK_1_4_5_setupwin32.exe116MBHTTP*
Gzipped tar ball for V1.4.5; run fixup after unzipUIMA_SDK_1.4.5.tgz13.9MBHTTP
Zip file for V1.4; run the fixup after unzippingUIMA_SDK_1_4_4.zip15.6MBHTTP
UIMA SDK Linux installer - IBM OmniFind V8.4UIMA_SDK_1_4_4_setupLinux.bin122MBHTTP
UIMA SDK Windows installer - IBM OmniFind V8.4UIMA_SDK_4_4_setupwin32.exe122MBHTTP
Gzipped tar ball for V1.4.4; fixup after unzippedUIMA_SDK_1_4_4.tgz14.6MBHTTP
Zip file for V1.3; run the fixup after unzippingUIMA_SDK_1_3_0.zip23.6MBHTTP
UIMA SDK installer - IBM OmniFind V8.3UIMA_SDK_1_3_0_setupLinux.bin118MBHTTP
UIMA SDK Windows installer - IBM OmniFind V8.3UIMA_SDK_1_3_0_setupwin32.exe118MBHTTP
Gzipped tar ball for V1.3UIMA_SDK_1_3_0.tgz22.9MBHTTP
Zip file for V1.1; run the fixup after unzippingUIMA_SDK_1_1_0.zip36MBHTTP
UIMA SDK Linux installer - IBM OmniFind V8.2.2UIMA_SDK_1_1_0_setupLinux.bin127.3MBHTTP
UIMA SDK Windows installer - IBM OmniFind V8.2.2UIMA_SDK_1_1_0_setupwin32.exe126.9MBHTTP

* Note: This download is for both the UIMA OmniFind EE V8.4.0.1 and the DB2 Warehouse Edition V9.5.