IBM DB2 Workshop for Oracle Professionals - self-paced version


The IBM DB2 Workshop for Database Professionals is a technical, hands-on workshop designed to help you quickly and easily extend your existing skills to IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows. The workshop assumes experience with relational database systems, as well as PL/SQL technology. It teaches the differences and advantages of IBM DB2, comparing DB2 to the technologies with which you are already familiar.

This course has been offered as an in-person learning workshop, which is the recommended way to complete the class so you can interact with instructors and students. However, this self-paced workshop provides increased flexibility and an opportunity to learn on your own schedule. The lectures and labs are taken from the in-person workshop, with audio recordings from the instructors, as well as text transcripts.

Check IBM DB2 Workshop for Oracle Professionals to see the continually updated schedule of dates and locations for the in-person learning workshop. Also check this self-paced workshop often for supplemental materials.

Downloading the self-paced workshop

After you register, you'll have access to all the assets of the IBM DB2 Workshop for Database Professionals, including the following:

Next steps

Once you have completed this virtual workshop, here are additional no-charge resources for DB2 that you can leverage.