Dojo Widgets for EGL Rich UI

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This EGL widget library enables you to utilize the popular (and powerful) Dojo widgets in your EGL Rich UI applications. These widgets are available on the palette in the EGL Rich UI editor and can be used along side EGL widgets or your own custom widgets. Besides having a modern look and feel, this sample library includes other widgets not provided out-of-the-box with EGL, including graphing widgets, a tab folder, a pop-up dialog, and more.

More about Dojo

The Dojo Foundation provides a set of reusable, JavaScript-based widgets that can be used to build Rich Internet Applications. IBM has adopted the open-source Dojo toolkit ( as its internal standard, is a key contributor to the Dojo project, and a committed member of the Dojo Foundation. The IBM commitments to the Dojo project include enterprise features such as internationalization, data binding, and accessibility support.

For more information, visit the Dojo Toolkit web site -

Download the code (version 0.8)

The Dojo widget library is packaged as a Project Interchange .zip file. To install, download from the link below, then, from within your development workbench, select File > Import > Project Interchange and browse to the .zip file. It is recommended to have already created a Rich UI project, since the Dojo library project depends on the project.

Download now

Note: this library is designed for Rational Business Developer and above. RBD v8 contains the Dojo widgets. EGL Community Edition already includes this version of the Dojo library.

Available widgets

  • Accordion Container
  • Bar Graph
  • Bubble Chart
  • Button
  • Calendar (new)
  • Check Box
  • Color Palette
  • Combo Box
  • Content Pane
  • Context Menu
  • Currency Text Box
  • Date Text Box
  • Dialog
  • Editor (new)
  • Grid
  • Horizontal Slider
  • Line Graph
  • Menu
  • Pie Chart
  • Progress Bar
  • Radio Group
  • Stack Container (new)
  • Tab Container
  • Time Text Box
  • Title Pane
  • Toggle Button (new)
  • Tooltip (new)
  • Tooltip Dialog (new)
  • Tree


View the documentation for the EGL Dojo widgets.

Also check out the EGL Dojo Mobile Preview for widgets and samples for mobile devices.