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Get the fundamentals to learn about databases. Read this free ebook to:

  • Learn relational database theory
  • Understand different information models
  • Learn logical and physical database design
  • Get the basics of the SQL language and XML
  • Practice using hands-on exercises



Data is one of the most valuable assets a company has. Relational and hierarchical databases have been used in the industry for decades. This book teaches you the fundamentals of databases, including relational database theory, logical and physical database design, and the SQL language. Advanced topics include using functions, stored procedures and XML. Use this book in conjunction with InfoSphere Data Architect  software for database design, and with DB2 Express-C , the no-charge edition of the DB2 database server, and put your new knowledge into practice.


Neeraj Sharma, Liviu Perniu, Raul F. Chong, Abhishek Iyer, Adi-Cristina Mitea, Chaitali Nandan, Mallarswami Nonvinkere, Mirela Danubianu


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