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IBM Service Management Suite for z/OS 


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IBM Service Management Suite for z/OS V1.5 was generally available on September 8th 2017 ! Announcement letter available here








What’s New with IBM® Service Management Suite for z/OS® (SMSz) V1.5

Updates to the IBM Service Management Suite for z/OS have been made to provide functions to manage the dynamic growth of transaction workload and data sharing between mobile, cloud, and analytics platforms. The new release contains significant updates to the following components, mainly on the IBM OMEGAMON and IBM Service Management Unite side:


  • IBM Performance Management Suite for z/OS, V5.5:
    • The new release contains significant updates to the following components that provide enhanced monitoring for z/OS, CICS Transaction Server, IMS, MQ, Integration Bus, and networks. They enable clients to move to the latest levels of IBM Z hardware and software with confidence they can exploit leading-edge technology. A key focus of this update has been on simplifying the deployment and serviceability of the portfolio, reducing the time systems programmers spend managing their service management infrastructure so they can dedicate time to focus on optimizing their IBM Z operations.
    • The OMEGAMON Enhanced 3270 User Interface (Enhanced 3270UI) has been updated to give comprehensive monitoring coverage across z/OS and key subsystems. As a result, the older Common User Interface (CUA)/OMEGAMON II and OMEGAVIEW interfaces have been withdrawn, simplifying the deployment process for an OMEGAMON runtime environment.


  • IBM System Automation for z/OS, V4.1+: 
    • The  new System Automation for z/OS analyze function (INGWHY) which provides expert guidance to operators, when an unexpected status of an automated resource appears, supports now also analyzing Reference Resources.
    • A new and easy way to suspend automation for specific resources and their dependents without impacting the operations team by generating false alarms for planning capability.
    • Enhanced configuration support for Service Management Unite and end-to-end automation.
    • Enhanced Service Management Unite Automation functions to isolate problem wit automation resources on a new INGWHY dashboard and to allow to create filtered lists of resources by name and type on custom dashboards.

  • IBM  Service Management Unite, V1.1.3:
    • Additional dashboards for resource monitoring of Java™ runtimes on z/OS through data delivered by OMEGAMON for JVM on z/OS, enabling operators to investigate JVM health, memory utilization, thread and lock details, and CPU utilization.
    • New dashboard for advanced problem isolation, based on the new INGWHY command to provide expert capabilities to easily determine resource problems.
    • Support of the new INGSUSPD command for suspending automation resources.
    • Enhanced resource filtering to provide possibility of status reporting for creation of custom dashboards.



Both OMEGAMON Performance Management Suite for z/OS and Service Management Suite for z/OS include a limited license for IBM Operations Analytics for z Systems with OMEGAMON Serviceability Log Analysis, a component that enables IBM OMEGAMON on z/OS users to perform in-context log analysis for internal IBM OMEGAMON and Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server logs for product problem determination. Full use of Operations Analytics for z Systems requires an additional purchase.



More information about IBM Service Management Suite for z/OS and included products is also available on System z Management blog.