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IBM Service Management Suite for z/OS


IBM Service Management Suite for z/OS V1.4.0 is generally available now ! Announcement letter available here






What’s New with IBM® Service Management Suite for z/OS® V1.4.0

IBM Service Management Unite V1.1.2 is a new customizable service management dashboard that is exclusively available with Service Management Suite. Service Management Unite gives system programmers, operators, and administrators a transparent view of the status of the health of the system and includes problem identification, contextualized problem isolation, and service restoration from a single interface.

Service Management Unite ships with predefined dashboards that integrate monitoring and automation to manage application workloads more effectively. Users can see, at a glance, the health of the environment and drill down with only a few clicks from an alert to the underlying problem and determine the impact of failures. The modern technology foundation in Service Management Unite enables customizable user experiences, so you can leverage your homegrown tools seamlessly and easily.

Service Management Unite runs on your browser as well as on mobile devices without the need to install any apps.


IBM® Service Management Suite for z/OS® contains the system and resource level automation, monitoring, and discovery capabilities needed to manage z/OS and all key subsystems. This suite provides one stop shop for all your mainframe management needs including automation, real-time and historical performance and availability management capabilities and auditing for your IBM z/OS environment including operating system, automation of networks, storage subsystems, IBM DB2®, IBM CICS®, IBM IMS™, IBM WebSphere® MQ for z/OS, and IBM WebSphere Application Server for z/OS.  Providing service management for z/OS resources can be complicated. Why complicate things more by choosing an ad hoc collection of tools to do this key task?   Service Management Suite for z/OS V1.4.0 can help with a powerful integrated capability that reduces costs.

- Single point of control for management of IBM z Systems

- Compelling management capabilities through automation and monitoring integration for world class business community

- Reduces outages, delays and meantime to correction of complex problems

- Software auditing through asset discovery on z

- Improves resource utilization and personnel interaction

- Enterprise wide processor operations

- Expanding solution throughout IBM z platform

- Provides High Availability and Automated Operations for heterogeneous business applications

- Foundation offering for other solutions - IBM Operations Analytics for z Systems, IBM Workload Scheduler, IBM Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex, IBM OMNIbus, IBM zAware