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IBM Service Management Suite for z/OS


IBM Service Management Suite for z/OS V1.4.2 was generally available on March 17th 2017 ! Announcement letter available here








What’s New with IBM® Service Management Suite for z/OS® (SMSz) V1.4.2

Updates to the IBM Service Management Suite for z/OS have been made to provide functions to manage the dynamic growth of transaction workload and data sharing between mobile, cloud, and analytics platforms. The new release contains significant updates to the following components, mainly on the IBM System Automation for z/OS side:


  • IBM System Automation for z/OS, V4.1: 
    • Enhanced scope to automate applications and resources on multiple sysplexes without the need to manage dependencies manually.
    • Capability to manage and automate critical applications running on different sysplexes with transparent and easy-to-use Service Management Unite dashboards.
    • A new System Automation for z/OS analyze function (INGWHY) that provides expert guidance to operators, when an unexpected status of an automated resource appears. The analysis is valuable in error situations when operators must quickly restore service.
    • A new and easy way to temporarily suspend automation for specific resources and their dependents without impacting the operations team by generating false alarms.
    • New best practices policy support to monitor IMS and CICS connections to MQ based on definitions.
    • The Status Display Facility (SDF) provides improved customization capabilities that enable administrators to create solutions that better fits the needs of an installation.

  • IBM  Service Management Unite, V1.1.2:
    • A new Captured Messages dashboard to show you the captured messages for a specific node or resource.
    • A new Monitoring History dashboard to show you the monitoring history for a specific monitor resource.
    • Added support for end-to-end automation in IBM System Automation for z/OS V4.1 for cross-sysplex configurations.


  • IBM Tivoli NetView for z/OS, V6.2.1:
    • Provides a new mechanism for automatically maintaining current reference to the oldest available Canzlog archive file, as older files are deleted.
    • To facilitate user management of archived Canzlog data files, common global variables set by the processing of configuration statements for Canzlog archiving (NetView style sheet statements that begin with ARCHIVE.) are being documented.
    • Reduces the number of messages written to the system console and system log during NetView initialization. A missing message id and help text are being added to improve diagnostic information.
    • Provides several enhancements to Command Revision Table, Message Revision Table, and PIPE EDIT:
      • Allow blanks and commas to be removed from commands before comparing in a CRT.
      • Allow characters to be removed from strings in EDIT specifications.
      • Support hex strings being specified in UPON statements in MRTs and CRTs.
      • Support message PREFIX values that have lengths other than 3.


Both OMEGAMON Performance Management Suite for z/OS and Service Management Suite for z/OS include a limited license for IBM Operations Analytics for z Systems with OMEGAMON Serviceability Log Analysis, a component that enables Tivoli OMEGAMON on z/OS users to perform in-context log analysis for internal Tivoli OMEGAMON and Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server logs for product problem determination. Full use of Operations Analytics for z Systems requires an additional purchase.