Combining IBM DB2 pureScale with Q Replication for scalability and business continuity

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This article presents the considerations, configuration choices, concepts, and technology as well as the deployment and operation procedures that are required for achieving full continuous availability of your DB2® instance with Q Replication. This article specifically covers DB2 pureScale™, but all concepts and commands presented are equally applicable to any other DB2 system.

The article covers the following topics:

  • Q Replication concepts and operation
  • Monitoring, tuning, and troubleshooting replication
  • Sample commands for preparing the databases for replication
  • Downloading and installing WebSphere® MQ
  • Testing WebSphere MQ connectivity
  • Installing and configuring the Q Replication Dashboard

Date: February 22, 2012


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About the Authors

Anand Krishniyer photo Anand Krishniyer is a staff engineer with the InfoSphere Replication development organization. As a member of the admin team, his responsibilities include developing line items as well as providing technical assistance to customers with respect to installation, setup, and configuration of the Replication Server. Prior to his current role, Anand worked as a project lead for the Integration and Tools team for a process management company, Savvion (now part of Progress Software).
Jerome Colaco photo Jerome Colaco joined IBM in 1999 and has worked with DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows ever since. He spent 6 years as a software developer in the buffer pool management area for DB2 products before joining the System Verification Test team. He has spent the last 4 years working on the DB2 pureScale Feature. Jerome is a computer science graduate of the University of Western Ontario.
Serge Bourbonnais photo Serge Bourbonnais is a Senior Technical Staff Member and the lead architect for InfoSphere Replication Server development at the IBM Silicon Valley laboratory in San Jose, California. He was the development lead at the origin of Q Replication.
Aslam Nomani photo Aslam Nomani is a Quality Assurance Manger with the DB2 for Linux, Unix, and Windows product. He has worked for the IBM Toronto Lab for over 13 years. His focus area is high availability and he also works very closely with the IBM storage partners.