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The Beta Program

You can install the beta version of IBM License Metric Tool or IBM BigFix Inventory to test the features that are currently being developed. This type of beta allows you to work directly with the application web user interface and the BigFix console to configure the application and manage your infrastructure.


NOTE: The below table presents the latest beta features only. However, you can use beta versions of License Metric Tool and BigFix Inventory to try out features that have already been released. To see the list of features that are already available in production and related documentation, see:


Feature Description Product
Extended discovery of Oracle Databases on Solaris

You can retrieve granular information about the edition (Standard or Enterprise), options, Management Packs (including Oracle Real Application Cluster, RAC), and user concurrent sessions of Oracle Databases that are deployed in your environment on Solaris computers.


Information about application version in PDFs PDF version of reports contains information about the version of the application from which the reports were generated.

Unification of the user interface

This is the next phase of aligning the design of the application user interface with the design of other BigFix applications. The aim is to provide a consistent look and feel across all BigFix products.



Provide your feedback

Your feedback is crucial for the development team and your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated. Test the new features and let us know what you think and what can be improved. Use the following communication channels to provide your feedback:


How to participate in the beta?

Get access to the beta downloads page and browse through the available packages. You can download and install License Metric Tool and BigFix Inventory on Linux or Windows. Each of those installation types requires that you have the BigFix platform installed in your environment.

  • If you are an existing BigFix customer and you already have BigFix server with License Metric Tool or BigFix Inventory Beta fixlet site, update the beta site to the newest version and use the fixlet to download the installer.
  • If you are an existing BigFix customer, but you do not yet have License Metric Tool or BigFix Inventory - write to and provide your BigFix serial number to get the entitlement for BigFix Inventory or License Metric Tool beta product. To find the serial number, log in to the BigFix console. In the bottom-left corner, click BigFix Management, and then in the navigation tree, click License Overview.
  • If you are an existing License Metric Tool or BigFix Inventory version 9 customer and do not yet have the License Metric Tool or BigFix Inventory beta site, write to and request the entitlement to 'BigFix Inventory Beta' or 'License Metric Tool' product.
  • If you are NOT yet a BigFix customer and you would like to test License Metric Tool version 9 - use THIS form to generate the BigFix license for License Metric Tool beta. Next, download the BigFix server from this LINK (choose production version - not evaluation) and install it using your generated license. You can find detailed instructions in License Metric Tool documentation.
  • If you are NOT yet a BigFix customer and you would like to test BigFix Inventory version 9 - write to and request a new BigFix license with the entitlement to the BigFix Inventory beta fixlet site.

The beta versions of License Metric Tool and BigFix Inventory work only with beta fixlet sites. So first, you need to make sure your BigFix has the corresponding versions of Beta sites:

  • IBM License Reporting (ILMT) v9 Beta  - version 45,  or
  • IBM BigFix Inventory Beta - version 45

Once the Beta site is available, use the following fixlets to download the installer to your chosen endpoint:

  • Download IBM License Metric Tool, or
  • Download Beta IBM BigFix Inventory

In case of problems with accessing the beta code, please let us know by writing to and we'll get back to you.


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