Service and Application Problem Diagnosis

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Business Goals

The business goal for this scenario is to provide Business Service Management (BSM) users, including operators, SMEs, application owners, or line of business owners with information about their managed services, applications, or resources that will help them isolate, diagnose, and route problems.

The BSM solution provides its users with the ability to understand how and which services or applications are impacted by supporting resources. Contextual information about these supporting resources could include configuration or health and performance details. Through the use of a shared resource registry, information from multiple management systems can be shown to the BSM user without the need for point to point integration.



  1. Monitoring applications register the resources they are managing with a common registry
  2. A BSM service model is created that includes these shared resources
  3. The resources in the service model are 'enriched' with a common resource reference from the registry



  1. The BSM user will be able to view contextually related data about any shared resource from a common user interface (hover preview).



  1. The BSM user views the service model as a hierarchical tree view and focuses on a resource with a non-green status.
  2. The BSM user places the cursor over the service, application, or resource for which more information is needed.
  3. The BSM user is presented with a hover preview / dialog containing details about the selected resource.