Integration scenarios

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Note that you can also use the wiki table of contents on the left side of this page. All scenario pages are child pages of this page.


What is a scenario about ?

IBM teams follow the OSLC best practice of using scenarios to define the why, what, how and who in integration amongst products. Listed

 here are the scenarios that the teams have created as they went about adding integration in their products.

Note that as these efforts always involve multiple groups, we want to be consistent and follow one "language" as it were. To this end, all

scenarios use this template:

  1. Title
    • what are we doing ?
  2. Business goals
    •  A short description of the expected business benefits for the customer if we implement this scenario
    •  why are we doing this ?
  3. Pre-Conditions
    • Conditions that the Steps implicitly require before they can begin.
  4. Post-conditions
    • Conditions that will be true once the Steps have been completed
  5. Steps
    • A single concrete series of actions/events visible to clients.
    • how we are doing this and who participates in this scenario

You can comment on a particular scenario by use the "add a comment" link at the bottom of each page.

You can propose  new scenarios as well. Just create a child page off of this page (using this template) or contact me. Please use the same template as the other scenarios so that we are consistent in format and usage.