Data Governance for ISIM

Data Governance for ISIM WIKI from STEALTHbits Technologies Inc.

This WIKI from STEALTHbits explores the business challenges, our product, Data Governance for ISIM, how we extend ISIM into unstructured data governance of SharePoint and File Shares and the value proposition for adding it to exisitng and future ISIM deployments.

Business Challenges:

§Access Sprawl

oJoiners, Mover, Leaver Activity
oAccess Never thoroughly Reviewed/Adjusted
oDistributed Entitlement Stores thoughout Unstructured Data
§Data Explosion
o80% of Data is Unstructured
o30-40% of that data is sensitive
oGartner predicts 650% increase in next 5 years
oBig Data, Cloud, Virtualization, Mobility & Social


§Risk Exposure on the Rise

oBrand, Revenue & Reputation Exposure
oSecurity Breach / Compliance Findings
oService Level Impacts


Overview presentation and data sheet for Data Governance for ISIM

IBM SIM preso doc_src.pptx

Data Sheet -IBM ISIM.pdf


YouTube Video Demo of Data Governance for ISIM

Published on May 8, 2013

This feature of STEALTHbits' flagship StealthAUDIT product enables organizations who have invested in IBM Security Identity Manager to leverage that investment for managing access to unstructured data assets such as file systems and Microsoft SharePoint portals.