Privileged Identity Accelerator

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This page provides details about IAM Business Value Accelerators targeted for IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager (PIM) deployment scenarios.

IBM® Security Privileged Identity Manager offers controlled sharing and automated logon for privileged identities. It provides:

  • Centralized administration, secure access, and storage of privileged shared account credentials
  • Role-based access control for shared accounts
  • Lifecycle management of shared accounts ownership
  • Ability to change passwords on every check in 
  • Single sign-on through automated check-out and check-in of shared credentials
  • Auditing of shared credentials access activities
  • Integration with the broader Identity and Access Management Governance portfolio

Refer to following product documentation for more details about IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager:


A quick video demonstrating IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager basic scenario:



Session Recording capability with IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager:

IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager's capabilities have now been enhanced with a new optional Privileged Session Recorder component that can be used for additional visibility and auditability of privileged user activities. This video demonstrates Privileged Session Recorder scenarios with Remote Desktop connection and PuTTY application.



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