Getting Started on Creating a Community

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 Starting Your Community Defining Access (Public/Private),

Defining User Roles, Adding and Inviting Members
Starting Community Link
 Creating Your  Community Sections Creating the Getting Started, Blog and Reference Information Sections Creating Community Link
 Customizing Your Community Adding and Removing Blog, Wiki, File Library, Forum,Bookmark, Feeds, Sub-communities Customizing Community Link
 Recommend Content for Your Community Suggested and Recommended Collateral, Tagging Your Entries

Recommend Content Link

Recommended Tagging Link


 Useful Community Features Sending Email to the community members, Status Updates and Recent Updates Useful Features Link
 Additional Community Resources developerWorks guidance Additional Resources Link
 FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

The table above provides information and recommendations on creating your own community.  We have also published a Homesteading document which provides more details on setting up communities as well as information on how your community's collateral is monitored and distributed.