DevOps Leadership Team Commitments

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DevOps Leadership Team Commitments

Members of the DevOps Community share their experiences and address challenges together as part of their commitment to become more lean and agile. They have a strong history of facilitating great discussions, work groups, book reviews, study groups, webinars, guest speakers, virtual conferences and more!

Our community relies on guidance from a diverse group of committed volunteers to set the direction, encourage participation and collaboratively work with members of the community to deliver the assistance that will help all members to be successful in their DevOps journey. The leadership team is a group of typically 9-12 volunteers with agile, continuous delivery and DevOps experience, as well as diverse perspectives (global, role, experience) to help set the direction and pace of our community.

DevOps Community Leadership team members commit to donating approximately 2 hours per week for 6 months to foster knowledge sharing, advancement in DevOps skills and successful improvement in agility by organizations worldwide. Benefits include recognition, a chance to make a difference and growth in their own agile experiences by helping others.

The leadership team:

  • Identifies and organizes community activities to address key needs identified by the DevOps Community
  • Engages members of the community to share their experiences
  • Identifies and promotes resources, Web sites, training, experiences, tools, etc. on the methods and practices that will help to improve teams' success
  • Influences and tracks success of the community in achieving its goals
  • Shares information with the community on recommended practices, tools, lessons learned, etc.
  • Provides feedback to prioritize the DevOps Community backlog
  • Schedules and facilitates regular community gatherings
  • Actively participates in weekly DevOps Community Leadership Team meetings
  • Updates information on the DevOps Community and site
  • Regularly sends a newsletter to the community

This is a highly competitive volunteer position with hundreds applying. We are grateful to those who step up as servant leaders to this community.

The Next Call for DevOps Leadership Team applicants is anticipated for end of 2Q2014. In the meantime, we would like to encourage you to engage with the community and consider leading a workgroup on a topic of interest.

Elizabeth Woodward

IBM Rational Lean and Agile Strategist, DevOps Methodology Leader

DevOps Community Chair

twitter: @liz_woodward