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This page contains a detailed listing of links to IBM Power Linux-related information. For a simplified list of links, see the Quick Links page.


Power Linux - Linux on Power

IBM Knowledge Center is your source for technical information about Linux on IBM® systems, including Linux on Power Systems .

The IBM Redbooks IBM Redbooks site provides technical information about many topics.

  • The IBM Linux Redbooks page on ibm.com lists those IBM Redbooks publications that are pertinent to Linux and IBM.

The IBM developerWorks Technical Library IBM developerWorks contains an excellent collection of searchable technical resources for Linux on all platforms, including resources for Linux on Power.

The Power Linux Community wiki IBM developerWorks (this wiki) provides additional information about a number of technical topics including application tuning, systems management, performance, virtualization, and supported Linux distributions.


Linux distributions

For enterprise distros, see the following resources:

Community distros include:


IBM Power Systems hardware platform

The Power Systems Facts and Features reports available on the Power Systems Technical GuideProduct landing page page give you a side-by-side comparison of the various systems available, with many of their key specifications and information about supported AIX, IBM i and Linux versions.

The IBM Power Systems Hardware Information Center Information Center is your source for technical information about Power Systems Hardware Platforms.

The IBM Redbooks IBM Redbooks site provides technical information about many topics.

  • The IBM Power Systems Redbooks page on ibm.com lists those IBM Redbooks publications that are pertinent to Power Systems servers.

Power Systems Performance Reports Product landing page give all the benchmark results as well as relative performance metrics of current and withdrawn IBM Power Systems including Power™ and BladeCenter® servers.

IBM Power Systems performance benchmarks Product landing page demonstrate IBM's continued commitment to organizations of all sizes. The family of IBM Power Systems includes the new Power servers as well as earlier System p™ and System i™ servers. In addition to energy efficiency and virtualization technologies, Power systems offer outstanding performance. In fact, IBM Power Systems took the lead in over 70 key computing performance benchmarks. But don't take our word for it. See the results.

The IBM Storage Customer Opportunity Request System Product landing page answers configuration support questions about storage.


PowerVM and Virtual I/O Server

The Virtual I/O Server DatasheetProduct landing page provides product support details for the VIOS.

IBM Systems Hardware Information Center Information Center includes technical information for the following:

The IBM Redbooks IBM Redbooks site provides technical information about many topics.


Systems management

IBM Systems Hardware Information CenterInformation Center includes technical information about the Hardware Management Console (HMC).

IBM Systems Director Information Center Information Center contains information about the IBM Systems Director platform-management foundation, and includes documentation for the Systems Management Director Console (SDMC).



Search the IBM PartnerWorld Global Solutions Directory Product landing page to find independent software vendor applications for PowerLinux.

For IBM applications, refer to the IBM Support Portal Software product compatibility reports Product landing page. Specifically, the Products that support a specific operating system report allows for locating all IBM applications for a given Linux distribution release.


Development resources


PowerLinux recommended tools

  • The IBM Software Development Kit for PowerLinux (SDK) is an Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that integrates C/C++ source development with the Advance Toolchain, Post-Link Optimization, classic Linux performance analysis tools, and other time-saving development tools.
  • The IBM Advance Toolchain provides the latest Free Software Foundation (gnu) tools for Power systems and enhances the performance of PowerLinux applications with the latest GCC versions and POWER tuned libraries.
  • The latest IBM Java environments for PowerLinux can be found in developerWorks Linux Download Information with recommendations for POWER7 systems. Java 6, Java 5, Java 1.42 are all available.


Customer planning tools

  • IBM System Planning Tool helps you plan and configure a Power solution to run Linux in logical partitions.
  • IBM Workload Estimator provides assistance on determining the size of Linux partitions needed to support file serving, Web serving, network infrastructure, WebSphere and DB2 UDB workloads.
  • Solution Sizing Guides help you determine the size of a Linux partition needed to support a given workload. IBM has worked with selected software vendors to produce Solution Sizing Guides for their applications.
  • Visit IBM PartnerWorld to learn about business partner assistance tools to facilitate porting applications on PowerLinux, including the Chiphopper™ tool to evaluate portability of Linux applications across multiple platforms and the Virtual Loaner Program to receive access to PowerLinux systems for porting.

Community resources

Think PowerLinux! Get insights into users' real-life experiences. Share your experiences. Interact with non-IBM peers and IBM technology experts. Get involved and contribute content using interactive community resources, such as forums, wikis, blogs, and other social media.

Other resources include the following:

POWER servers in a cloud and PowerLinux development hosting