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Welcome to the Linux on Power Community wiki

This space is no longer actively updated.  Please update your bookmarks to the Linux on Power developer portal.

Experts Meet the experts

Want to know who's who in the Linux on Power Community? Check our Meet the Experts page.


Information Find links to information about...

Linux on Power: PowerLinux • Linux distributions • IBM Power platform • PowerVM and Virtual I/O Server • Systems management • Software • Development resources • Recommended tools • Planning tools • Community resources

IBM Power LC systems information

Install Linux on an IBM Power System LC server

PowerKVM: Installation • Known Issues/Readme • Resources

Linux on POWER8: Ubuntu

CAPI accelerated GZIP Compression Adapter User’s guide

IBM Software Development Kit for Linux on Power (SDK)

Docker for Linux on Power

POWER8 in-core cryptography

SAP application  support for Linux on Power

IBM application support for Linux on Power

IBM PowerLinux Open Source Infrastructure Services guides

POWER7+ Processor Programming Model Bulletin

POWER8 roadmap on


IBM SDK for Node.js Version 1.1 on Linux on Power

Installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 on IBM POWER8 and x86 in bare metal mode: A comparison


Tools Take advantage of PowerLinux tools

IBM Software Development Kit for Linux on Power Product landing page


IBM Service and productivity tools for Linux on Power Product landing page

Find documentation: Managing your server with service and productivity tools Information Center


IBM Java environments for Linux on Power Product landing page

IBM Advance Toolchain for PowerLinux

Find documentation: IBM Advance Toolchain

and IBM Advance Toolchain Cross-Compiler


Video demonstration Find videos

You can check out video demos of various PowerLinux tools and related solutions.  Check here


How to Find out how to...

Use Go compilers on Power

Configure the Linux console

Get started with virtualization using PowerVM Information Center

Install IBM Advance Toolchain for Linux on Power Information Center

Set up Multipath connectivity Information Center

Locate applications for Linux on Power

Obtain Linux evaluation copies

Optimize Fedora 16 Packages for POWER7 hardware

Build Open Hadoop for Power

Build F17 with Memory Compression

Set up a cluster for BigInsights on PowerLinux

Trigger a dump on PowerLinux

Use increased Micro-Partitioning limits on Power systems running Linux

Use netbooting on Linux on Power systems

Migrate active partitions using Live Partition Mobility

Find PowerLinux LPAR configuration data using lparcfg

Set up software RAID on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

Find the MAC address from OpenFirmware

Implement zero-copy shared data for high performance

Detect bootable Power server ISO images

Best practice Find best practices, tips, and techniques

Porting best practices:

Porting from Intel x86 to Power 

Porting Story #1: Leveling the field on Power vs. Intel

Intel SSE to PowerPC AltiVec migration

Device Driver Porting Guide for Linux on Power

Installation best practices:

Obtaining Linux Evaluation Copies

Installing Linux on Power systems

Completing a RHEL 6 installation

Leveraging VNC to install RHEL 6

Performance best practices: Best practice

Developing high-performance applications using IBM XL compilers

Performance Rocks - Best Practices

Linux on Power Performance FAQs

Optimized Libraries on Power

Java performance tuning on POWER7 Using perf on POWER7

Advance Toolchain Optimization Selection and Common GCC Options

Configuring Linux servers for Sybase IQ Information Center

Tuning a Linux HPC cluster of IBM Power systems Information Center

SAP 2-Tier Sales and Distribution Tunings for Linux on POWER7 Information Center

RedHat recommended performance profiling tools External web site

SUSE system analysis and tuning guideExternal web site

POWER 8 SAS Backplane Write Cache Enablement

Support Troubleshoot

Get help and support for PowerLinux


Quick links Quick links

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Please ask questions on the Linux on Power dW Answers forum if you're having any trouble finding the information you need!