Hands-on scenario guides

Hands-on scenario guides

This page contains a range of education modules that explain how to use a particular IBM Integration Bus function. Additions to this page will be made over time.

Each module comprises one or several Lab Guides (a PDF document), and is usually accompanied by a set of collateral (files) that enable you to recreate the scenarios yourself. All scenarios will require an installation of IBM Integration Bus version 9.0. Some scenarios will require additional software products such as IBM DB2, IBM ODM, WebSphere Application Server, etc.

The accompanying collateral is contained in a set of zip files which you can use to rebuild the scenarios on your own systems. These scenarios were created on a Windows 7 system, so all scripts and commands are applicable to this environment.

Message Modelling with DFDL

Using the Global Cache

Pattern Authoring

Record Replay - Trades example