IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale and DataPower XC10 Appliance Releases and Updates

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WebSphere eXtreme Scale version 8.6.1

To install the latest version:

  1. Download the WebSphere eXtreme Scale version 8.6 Quick Start Guide
  2. This guide is intended to get you started with installing WebSphere eXtreme Scale and running a simple application.
  3. You want to add the repository to your Installation Manager repository list. This will let you install the latest directly.


Available Fixes for WebSphere eXtreme Scale version 8.6.1

The following fixes are available for download from IBM Support. Click on the description for details on what is included in a cumulative fix:


Releases Affected Component(s) Description Release Date APARs Download Interim FIX PI88192 All Interim FIX on top of Fix Pack 2 10-04-2017   Download

PI88192: Map entries do not expire at the right time after an update operation.

PI87836: Incorrect transaction timeout setting in catalog server transactions causes LockTimeoutExceptions.

PI86927: An ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException exception can occur when using a global index.

PI86607: WXS 8.6.1 install can fail with a bad JAVA version for WAS 8.5.5 starting at even if the JAVA version is supported

PI84936: OutOfMemoryError exception can occur when using eXtremeIO (XIO) transport.

PI84448: Entries in a map configured with time to live eviction do not evict at the right time during failover.

PI82969: Entries not evicted if time to live eviction transactions fail. Interim FIX PI82096 All Interim FIX on top of Fix Pack 2 06-27-2017   Download

PI82096: In WXS 861 setting a TTL programmatically of more than 6442450 seconds causes a IllegalArgumentException

PI79409: eXtreme Scale Liberty Deployment cache members'' statuses will be set to offline if using ipv6 address. .

PI79938: NullPointerException occured in client when SSL transport is TCP/IP but no SSL configuration exists in server.xml in Liberty.

PI79994: ObjectQuery throwing NullPointerException.

PI80152: Manual steps are required when upgrading to eXtreme Scale Liberty Deployment after as non-root user. All Fix Pack 2 03-24-2017   Download

PI69125: WXS ContinuousQueryListener in client does not get update from server after server restart.

PI72417: Enable XSLD non root user install functionality.

PI72831: Enabling Derby replication on zLinux using REST API may fail occasionally because of socket permission error.

PI72832: After SSL mutual authentication enabled, some administrative operations fail.

PI73012: Unable to enable Websphere Extreme Scale SSL connection on Liberty Profile when using Java 8.

PI73187: The eXtreme Scale Liberty Deployment UI dashboard displays incorrect cache member data after a failed member join.

PI73554: Derby replication task command may fail on some systems..

PI74091: NPE is thrown when WXS client is retrieving the latest routing table from catalog during container failover.

PI74503: Unable to retrieve total duration time using Websphere Extreme Scale AgentManagerMBean.

PM94029: Websphere eXtreme scale 8.6 installs sMash product smash0101.Sys2 file. All Fix Pack 1 11-18-2016   Download

PI70239: Multiple vulnerabilities in IBM SDK, Java Technology Edition affect WebSphere eXtreme Scale.

PI53891: Transactions fail with ExpiredCredentialException when using extremeIO transport.

PI64273: Error message with prefix CWOBJ0012E is seen when using near cache invalidation.

PI65179: Performing an update for WebSphere eXtreme Scale Liberty Deployment from installation manager fails on Windows.

PI65346: WebSphere eXtreme Scale Console does not show initialization messages on startup.

PI65755: WebSphere eXtreme Scale server side (container) dynacache statistics reflect higher than expected values

PI66609: On Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, getLogs.bat command fails to launch when installed location contains space

PI66651: eXtremeMemory Is Incorrect In New Server Created Using REST API

PI66966: On AIX systems the datastore is not started after installation if no public network interface is configured.

PI67063: Nanny process from the datastore replica member is hung.

PI67936: xscmd failed in WebSphere eXtreme Scale V8.6.1 with WebSphere Application Server V9

PI68271: Webcontainer threads are hung in SessionsLRUOffloader even after PI05917

PI68534: Add support for and default to NO_COPY near cache CopyMode for the eXtreme Scale Dynacache provider

PI68561: NullPointerException happens during routetable recovery

PI68771: The data store is not started on default Windows Docker toolbox VMs.

PI69267: xscmd does not exit with proper return code

PI70751: A large amount of threads are spawned when attempting to restart eXtreme Scale server in case of a network partition

PI70955: WebSphere eXtreme Scale JPA plugin does not tolerate network issue All Refresh Pack 1 06-20-2016   Download

IT11003: XC10 Web console Message Center no longer displays messages.

IT11057: With ORB transport disconnecting an appliance from a two member collective keeps the other box from.

IT11116: Memory cleanup is not done when a grid is deleted.

IT12299: The appliance web console message Center no longer displays message. It shows empty messages.

IT13029: After network brownout resolves, XC10 does not complete restart and xsServer00 does not recycle.

IT13437: The start-progress command stays at 4%, xsServer00 repeatedly logs "XSServerStartHandler waitForWorkItems".

IT13440: After recovering from a network disconnect, appliance does not complete restart.

IT13578: MessageTimeOutException exceptions may occur in fail-over scenarios with large amounts of data.

IT15714: XDF deserialization errors after failover.

IT15860: XDF EnumSerializer logging errors.

PI23994: Externalize the ObjectGrid.getDomainName() API.

PI38515: The ability to disable replication status to avoid garbage collection pauses from the memory consumption is needed.

PI42180: When you create a remote session grid in WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5.5, the browse function does not return grids.

PI42444: The server fails to start with the transport catalog attribute when using Spring Framework.

PI42537: Trace was insufficient for debug analysis.

PI42795: ObjectQuery fails when using a field of an embedded type as part of the query statement.

PI42955: A NumberFormatException occurs during container reconnect or restart scenarios.

PI43279: An ObjectGridXIOException occurs indicating that a protocol message was too large when very large requests are sent.

PI43426: Catalog servers fail after a network outage, when failure recovery is suspended.

PI43439: A WebSphere eXtreme Scale client in same JVM as catalog server fails to connect to remote domain.

PI43649: The eXtreme Scale monitoring console is blank after logging in.

PI43836: eXtremeMemory usage is greater than expected.

PI43972: Java EE 6 features that WebSphere eXtreme Scale uses conflicts with Java EE 7 features in the Liberty profile V8.5.5.6.

PI44031: An unspecified vulnerability in WebSphere eXtreme Scale 8.6 can cause a denial of service.

PI44104: The autocomplete parameter in the form tag for the eXtreme Scale console page needs to be turned off.

PI44121: A long timeout can occur when connections to all catalog server endpoints time out on a client connection.

PI44458: Simultaneous writes for the same key can result in a LockTimeoutException when using write behind function.

PI44986: You cannot define more than one WebSphere eXtreme Scale session data grid and dynamic cache data grid in the Liberty.

PI45073: When restarting individual container servers without placement constraints, extra primary shards can occur.

PI45242: Catalog servers can fail to start when clients are left running and all servers are stopped.

PI45246: AcessControlException exception can occur when starting server and using a security manager.

PI45445: With two or more synchronous replicas placed, uncommitted transactions are possible after failover.

PI45744: Incorrect routing can occur when using PartitionKey annotation on one or more fields in the key class.

PI45880: After an unexpected timeout, old primary shards do not stop.

PI45881: XIO handshake failures can result in a build up of XIOConnectionController objects, which can cause OOM errors.

PI46020: After several MessageTimeOutExceptions during promotion, extra primary shards or lost data can occur.

PI46042: Monitoring console fails to load the detail reports and query data grid contents panels.

PI46410: WebSphere eXtremeScale servers running in Liberty 8554+ may encounter " unknown protocol: bundleresource".

PI46496: You cannot upload a new keystore or update the administrative password using the WebSphere eXtreme Scale.

PI46833: LockTimeoutException exception can occur when using the write behind function.

PI47492: A domain of 3 or more catalog servers fail initial start up.

PI47586: Out-of-memory errors can occur when using objects with HashMap or Hashtable fields.

PI47962: ClassCastException exception can occur in HashIndex when trying to roll back a transaction.

PI48326: Missing messages from the monitoring console message center.

PI49170: TransactionCallbackImpl.begin() method is called while processing replica shards. This should only occur on primary shards.

PI49299: getObjectGridState API does not return a consistently correct result when grid is in transition .

PI49452: Client requests fail when using null values and client and server are co-located in the same Java process.

PI49518: Inactive and empty maps appear in xscmd command showMapSizes.

PI50024: WebSphere eXtreme Scale REST gateway used near-side cache by default.

PI50254: Exceptions resolving old primary shard causes the next primary s hard promotion to fail.

PI50255: Missing agent permission causes

PI50551: Repeated network failures cause primary shard demotions and Targ etNotAvailableExceptions.

PI50624: The WXS restgateway does not allow a catalog service domain beyond the default catalog service in WAS to be used.

PI50772: WebSphere eXtreme Scale Client for .NET authenticode certificate has expired .

PI50921: Primary or replica shard fails to transition from a StateManager setObjectGridState request causing AvailabilityExceptions.

PI51087: Brief network losses during primary shard promotion can cause data loss.

PI51551: ClassNotFoundException for with WXS on Liberty.

PI51742: IBM WebSphere eXtremeScale allows some sensitive data to linger in memory instead of being overwritten.

PI52221: Extreme Scale transaction identifiers can be duplicates causing transaction errors.

PI52401: NullPointerException when serializing a value from the grid via REST gateway .

PI52487: An Apache Commons Collections vulnerability for handling Java object deserialization.

PI52606: LastUsedBytes is not correctly updated.

PI52838: OptimisticCollisionException fails to deserialize when using EntityManager.

PI52945: Deserialization using eXtreme Data Format (XDF) fails with MissingSerializationInfoException in readObject().

PI53272: wxs-visibility attributes in require double quotes.

PI53604: Excessive CWOBJ1550 and CWOBJ1551 messages for the same exception.

PI53771: JMXConnectorPort property in is not processed correctly.

PI54398: Support eXtremeMemory function on PowerPC big endian platforms for both AIX and Linux.

PI54509: While doing placement under heavy load or network contention, pr imary shard can promote too early.

PI54796: OutOfMemoryError error can occur when a removed replica attempts to replicate.

PI55408: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException exception can occur when using XsDataOutputStream.writeVarInt(long) with a negative number.

PI56083: NullPointerException from ReplicatedPartition TrackingTempReplic a.

PI56154: After a network bronwn out recovers, the routetable contains unr eachable entries.

PI56295: BufferUnderflowException and general protection faults(GPF) can occur.

PI56341: Multiple vulnerabilites in IBM WebSphere SDK Java Technology edition affects WebSphere eXtreme Scale(includes SLOTH fix).

PI56572: Time to live eviction can stop running due to an exception occurring.

PI56574: Server stop hangs when there are in doubt transactions.

PI56769: WKSP0009E with FileNotFoundException may happen when several application servers are started concurrently.

PI57058: WXS Spring provider DuplicateKeyException.

PI57071: Multiple login prompts appear on xscmd mixing localhost and local IP address.

PI57109: Network brownout recovery for embedded catalog servers stops incorrectly.

PI57536: Improved dynacache trace.

PI57551: WXS overwrites failure detection properties on heartbeat.

PI57838: Update the sample server and client properties files' SSL properties.

PI57949: script fails with error finding the script.

PI58417: Authorization failing for user with password and username that match.

PI58491: No error message for incorrect number of tokens in the URI.

PI58512: Asynchronous replication fails to replicate remove operations when using eXtremeMemory (XM) and not using a KeyDataSerializer.

PI58620: WebSphere eXtreme Scale mapstats and ogstats incorrect when multiple mapsets are defined in a single grid.

PI58859: A java.lang.NullPointerException may occur in the WebSphere eXtreme Scale exception path when the XIO transport is enabled.

PI59054: Agent invocations time out when an exception class is returned that is not found on the client.

PI59667: IllegalArgumentException encountered while setting fields during readObject() in XDF.

PI59904: eXtreme Scale Spring cache plug-in to support Spring Framework 4.2.x.

PI60897: WebSphere eXtreme Scale is subject to HTTP response splitting attacks.

PI60904: WebSphere eXtreme Scale encryption for Dynacache entries was using MD5, which is insecure.

PI60922: Container server fails to start during concurrent catalog and co ntainer server starts.

PI61047: LogElement.getKey() or SerializedKey.getObject() can return null when using the write behind function.

PI61076: WebSphere eXtreme Scale .NET client trace enhancements .

PI61198: The eXtreme Scale plug-in for InfoSphere Data Replication (IDR) fails to initialize when using Java 7 or 8.

PI61249: Placement failures after full catalog restart (catalog recycle).

PI61281: Statistics only work with all enabled.

PI61441: EntityManager operations fail when using eXtremeIO (XIO).

PI61641: NullPointerException logged for MBeanService.

PI61704: WXS session remove orphaned attributes will only remove attribut es for a single context root.

PI61794: Running xscmd command showplacement with default settings will n ot show a container which only hosts reserved shards.

PI62238: Container servers recycle when primary catalog server is lost.

PI62261: Improve ByteBuffer usage and provide statistics information.

PI62469: "Connection closed from remote client" errors with XIO with SSL .

PI62853: InfoSphere Data Replication plug-in fails with ReadOnlyException.

PI63661: Installed eXtreme Scale libraries cause versionInfo to report the WebSphere install as 32 bit.

PI65519: WXS Http session stat affinityBreakCount doesn't increment when reuseSessionId=false.


WebSphere eXtreme Scale version 8.6

Available Fixes for WebSphere eXtreme Scale version 8.6.0

To install the latest version:

  1. Download the WebSphere eXtreme Scale version 8.6 Quick Start Guide
  2. This guide is intended to get you started with installing WebSphere eXtreme Scale and running a simple application.
  3. You want to add the and repositories to your Installation Manager repository list. This will let you install the latest directly.


The following fixes are available for download from IBM Support. Click on the description for details on what is included in a cumulative fix:

Releases Affected Component(s) Description Release Date APARs Download All Fix Pack 8 06-16-2015   Download

IT08653: During appliance container failure, not all necessary shards are promoted from replica to primary.

PI44098: Security vulnerabilities (See Security Bulletin).

PI37459: Security vulnerabilities (See Security Bulletin).

PI35714: Using indexes with eXtremeMemory (XM) consumes a lot of memory.

PI35938: Client catalog connect calls are delayed when members of the catalog service are down.

PI36347: EndpointNotFoundExceptions occur with the CWOBJ1122W message.

PI36591: The Loader.preloadMap() function causes an OutOfMemoryError when called during dynamic map creation.

PI36965: Deadlocks with XIO network communication are possible when you run the WebSphere eXtreme Scale teardown command.

PI37018: Hung threads can occur when shutting down a container and using eXtremeMemory with indexes.

PI37585: Catalogs and containers do not shut down correctly when stopping a Liberty server that runs with eXtreme Scale.

PI37586: Planned outages, such as network maintenance, can trigger undesired placement error recovery.

PI37887: AgentManager operations can use a lot of Java heap memory when using eXtremeMemory.

PI37976: Container servers take a long time to stop.

PI37994: The occurs when using keys that implement PartitionableKey.

PI38081: An ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException occurs in XDF when ObjectGrid or ObjectGrid* trace is enabled.

PI38501: Asynchronous replication can fall behind and not recover.

PI38502: New WebSphere eXtreme Scale monitoring of agent usage by way of periodic CWOBJ logging is requested.

PI38996: ObjectGridRuntimeException occuring when concurrent threads in the same JVM connect and disconnect to the same grid.

PI39010: Shards remain unplaced or not promoted when several servers fail.

PI39493: WebSphere application servers using eXtreme Scale dynamic caching start very slowly.

PI39651: Extra entries are inserted into a simple grid after a brownout of the master catalog server.

PI40055: Dynamic cache client data inflation is slow.

PI40119: Processing large amounts of eXtreme Scale management concentrator notifications can result in OutOfMemory (OOM).

PI40223: Promotion or new replicas are delayed after failover.

PI40345: Dynamic index creation and deletion fails when using multimaster replication.

PI40484: CPU usage can spike on containers when the catalog server is shut down.

PI40585: Specific keys can result in incorrect behavior when using eXtremeMemory (XM).

PI41260: The ClassNotFoundException for the class can occur when using the REST data service.

PI41384: JVM arguments need to be passed in on the xscmd client.

PI41771: NullPointerExceptions are logged during catalog server promotion.

PI42203: WebSphere eXtreme Scale can experience out of memory errors when the heap is consumed by XsByteBufferInternal (XIO) code. All Fix Pack 7 03-25-2015   Download

PI32777: Security vulnerabilities (See Security Bulletin).

IT06790: Random shards are shut down and not replaced during times of constrained communication between catalogs and containers.

IT07242: The xscmd findbykey command times out when run against a dynamic cache data grid on the appliance.

PI31342: Some xscmd commands that list servers or host names in table format fail with an OutOfMemory error when the catalog service domain has long server or host names.

PI31688: The plug-ins scope attribute on XIO-enabled data grids is not sent to the client.

PI31710: Intermittent skipping of imports routes and placement work by a container occurs after a catalog server recycles.

PI31711: When using eXtremeIO transport, the catalog server gets an OutOfMemoryError after running for an extended time.

PI31840: CWOBJ7218 messages are seen in the logs of the primary catalog server.

PI31845: The jemalloc library that eXtremeMemory uses returned allocated memory slowly.

PI31852: Client Security Context is null, but CredentialAuthentication is set to be Required.

PI31853: Classless entity configuration was corrupted when sent to the client, causing entity resolution errors.

PI31924: The xscmd triggerPlacement command with the remove extra shard option causes loss of internal state.

PI32020: The xscmd commands that use a client ObjectGrid fail to initialize because of a configuration validation error.

PI32045: CWOBJ9045 messages for a "" container, as well as CWOBJ7504 logs citing containers could not be reached by the catalog.

PI32595: During shard or local grid termination, the request can hang indefinitely, if the write-behind queues have pending changes when the request to terminate the data grid was made.

PI32775: Threads left running if embedded catalog service dies.

PI32827: An embedded catalog server does not time out at startup, if failures occur.

PI32975: An AccessControlException is thrown when using the extreme data format (XDF).

PI33005: Hung threads can be seen when doing a clear operation and using eXtremeMemory.

PI33293: "InvalidCredentialException:null credential is provided" error occured during container process start up.

PI33296: Using agents with an XIO-enabled data grid can result in high CPU usage on the client side.

PI33348: A NullPointerException is thrown from HttpSessionRequestWrapper.getSession(boolean).

PI34055: The xscmd teardown command does not work when specifying a single server with the -s flag.

PI34469:Process failures occur because of excessive WebSphere eXtreme Scale route propagation in XIO.

PI34551: eXtreme Memory (XM) cache entry overhead is larger than heap overhead.

PI35197: The suspend failure recovery function can be inadvertently bypassed by some catalog and container bootstrap maintenance.

PI35220: The allowableShardOverrage catalog property does not accept non-integers.

PI35712: Failure to update grid and IOExceptions in WebSphere eXtreme Scale HTTP session management after web application restarts.

PI35771: ClassNotFoundException FFDC reports generated on server startup. .

PI35938: Client catalog connect calls are delayed when members of the catalog service are down.

PI35999: Duplicate CWOBJ7507I messages logged for the same placement work request.

PI36412: The explanation for the CWOBJ1134I message is incorrect .

PI36699: WebSphere eXtreme Scale REST gateway returns a 404 error when you delete a non-existant key.

PI37308: The xscmd report of route table contents is inconsistent after a catalog server recycle occurs. All Fix Pack 6 12-08-2014   Download

PI19073: The java.lang.classnotfoundexception,, occurs erroneously.

PI19662: Incorrect routetable and TargetNotAvailableExceptions occur afte r simultaneous catalog and container stops.

PI19855: Clients receive an ObjectGridRuntimException and CWOBJ3191E message when connecting to a replica catalog server.

PI20706: The DuplicateKeyException exception occurs when starting catalog servers.

PI20987: Deadlocks can occur in the logging infrastructure.

PI21895: A java.lang.NullPointerException exception can occur when deploying an application that uses the AppDeploymentController.

PI22056: The NoClassDefFoundError exception can occur when using an Oracl e JRE.

PI22076: HTTP session attributes are orphaned in attributes map with no metadata object.

PI22428: The monitoring console custom report runs infinitely and never finishes.

PI22552: Clear operations use large amounts of memory when doing asynchro nous replication.

PI22836: CWOBJ1573I messages occur, as shards fail to be promoted.

PI24163: Asynchronous replication can be slow when using eXtremeMemory (XM).

PI24426: The class is not honored when configuring the ORB SSL port.

PI24572: When adding multiple dynamic maps concurrently, threads can hang.

PI24585: Client-side near cache is not updated when the remote data grid has a configured evictor.

PI24589: WebSphere eXtreme Scale logs connection messages for every check of replication status.

PI24888: No error message occurs for unreachable shards when you run the xscmd routetable command.

PI25151: Clearing maps or moving shards can take a long time when using eXtremeMemory (XM).

PI25155: Clear can cause high CPU when processed by an asynchronous replica or foreign primary.

PI25341: Segmentation fault can occur when using the ObjectMap.getNextKey() API and eXtremeMemory.

PI25343: XIO request timeout is not logged successfully.

PI25549: Session contents are not updated to the data grid after invalidation.

PI25590: Threads might hang when sending a request and using the eXtremeIO transport.

PI25984: Change the High Availability (HA) Manager token exchange to match configuration settings.

PI26050: Primary shard reachable in xscmd routetable, missing in xscmd showPlacement

PI26150: The xscmd command, suspendStatus, throws an error when there are no data grids defined, and the map (-ms) option is used.

PI26368: The establishLink command was fixed to display error messages from the server, instead of the generic message, not

PI26388: Multimaster replication links get stuck in as dismissing_link state.

PI26842: A slow memory leak with certain SSL and XIO transport scenarios exists.

PI27312: After a restart, all data grids are not relinked by way of MMR.

PI27314: The WebSphere eXtreme Scale REST gateway does not support multiple data grids.

PI27319: The setMaxInactiveInterval method does not work correctly when you set the listener mode to true.

PI27320: When placement is set to perContainer, a session handle cookie is used.

PI27462: Query functions prevent LIKE operations from using available indexes.

PI27463: IBM eXtremeMemory (XM) leaks when clients and servers are collocated in the same Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

PI27559: Duplicate eXtreme Scale log messages seen when running in an environment that has its own java.util.logging.LogManager.

PI27562: The ObjectGrid client runtime can incorrectly throw an exception when the server is restarted while the client is still running.

PI27994: When using XIO and copy_to_bytes (XDF), a singleton that implements readresolve() might not serialize correctly.

PI28246: wsadmin listXSDomains and getDefaultXSDomain commands fail when using connectyp type NONE.

PI28253: eXtreme Memory can leak or cause segmentation faults when using ObjectGridEventListeners.

PI28255: ClassNotFoundException exceptions occur when using eXtreme Memory with synchronous replication.

PI28598: An infinite loop is seen when using the HTTP session method, getSession().

PI28785: ClassCastException exceptions can occur when using client replication.

PI28860: Memory can leak when using the ObjectMap.lock() and lockAll() APIs with eXtremeMemory (XM).

PI29189: Thread hangs are seen during server shutdown.

PI29199: Hung threads can occur when using template maps with eXtreme Memory.

PI29205: Exceptions occur when using template maps and starting an ObjectGrid in PRELOAD mode.

PI29380: Deadlocks can occur when doing a clear operation when using TTL eviction.

PI29437: The write rate of the csv statistics files cannot be changed.

PI29443: The output of thexscmd command, findByKey, truncates the keys.

PI29734: Phantom byte buffers can leak when running with eXtremeMemory.

PI29735: The xscmd findByKey command fails when running with eXtremeIO transport and a customer data serializer or object transformer.


PI30190: Unexpected MissingSerializationInfoException exceptions are thrown during failover recovery.

PI30445: During failover, WebSphere eXtreme Scale V8.6 containers take considerable amount of time to recover.

PI30953: Replication slows down when loading an ObjectGrid that contains many dynamic maps. All Fix Pack 5 06-23-2014   Download

Security Bulletin

PM88151: Update JRE shipped with Websphere eXtreme scale to include JRE APAR IV35528.

PM88802: Multimaster replication (MMR) scenarios that involve COPY_TO_BYTES maps and the restart of domains can cause.

PM95987: Time to Live (TTL) eviction uses Object arrays to store entries, which causes an increase in monitors in the heap.

PM98008: Fail fast clients have delayed recovery after failover.

PM98601: The ObjectGridRuntimeException exception occurs during failover to another server, without losing the session connection.

PM98637: Loading a grid with security enabled quadrupled the load time.

PM99116: Object query with XIO transport and XDF COPY_TO_BYTES mode creates extra Lock objects which results in.

PM99156: Object query runs at a lower transaction isolation level thatn requested, resulting in null values returned.

PM99584: The XIO transport can experience timeouts handling large messages.

PM99585: eXtremeIO (XIO) should send a pool ID for all XIO thread pools.

PM99586: When authentication is disabled and SSL is enabled in a multi-catalog environment, catalog servers fail to startup.

PM99589: During shard creation or creating new template maps , we can hit a deadlock or hang running XIO and XDF.

PM99659: Java applications using enums that implement a toString( ) method with XDF maps.

PM99660: Applications using maps with COPYMODE=COPY_TO_BYTES and using the XIO transport.

PM99690: Extraneous information in trace.

PM99789: The extremeMemory (XM) and disk overflow values retrieved from a map might be different from the original values.

PM99791: Using eXtremeMemory (XM) and synchronous replication might cause memory leaks.

IC98274: Domain names are missing from the WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance user interface.

IT00891: A memory leak occurs if a client does not properly disconnect from the Object Grid manager.

IT01494: Exceptions occur when assimilating a third appliance or stopping multiple catalog servers.

IT01651: The route table output includes internal data grids, and the route table output for the _IBM_XC10_CONFIG_ grid is incorrect.

PI04908: Can not load plugins reliably as osgiService in Liberty.

PI04949: Host filter (-hf) option does not return catalog servers as opti ons for xscmd -c teardown command.

PI04978: Monitor console fails to stop after a start is issued while the console is already started.

PI05009: When the Liberty profile archive installer does not require the "wlp" directory, the installation fails.

PI05011: Add xscmd -c suspend to commands.

PI05066: CWOBJ0006W errors occur if you configure the data grid with XIO or XDF and optimistic locking, when near cache is enabled.

PI05109: NullPointerException exception occurs when using complex POJO keys with hibernate and remote grid with copymode=COPY_TO_BYTES.

PI05190: Showing environment information with xscmd utility includes information for eXtreme Memory (XM) and disk overflow.

PI05192: The continuous query package are not declared as exported packages and can not be used in OSGi environments.

PI05212: Clients with short client retry timeouts experience TargetNotAvailable exceptions during server restart.

PI05218: During a migration, clients experience TargetNotAvailableException exceptions.

PI05266: Infinite loop until transaction timeout causes high CPU when using HTTP session replication.

PI05377: Websphere eXtreme scale receives a ConcurrentModificationException exception and route table.



PI05840: eXtreme Scale clients using osgi fail when there is a transactioncallback plug-in osgi service.

PM88151: xscmd fails with error due to the mbean server binding to the wrong IP address.

PI05917: WebContainer threads are hung in SessionsLRUOffloader.

PI05942: KeyNotFoundException during httpsession.setAttribute call when using HTTP session replication.

PI06011: An eXtreme Scale deadlock can occur when an ObjectGridEventListener end method creates a transaction that.

PI06081: Do not fill the logs with CWOBJ1546I messages for an IllegalStateException exception for a bad host:port.

PI06109: The xscmd -c suspend -t placement -g gridname -ms mapset command does not suspend placement for data grids that do not.

PI06193: Internal temporary files are not removed correctly, which can cause extra disk space usage.

PI06229: The ClassCastException exception occurs when you use WebSphere eXtreme Scale sessions.

PI06341: The WebSphere eXtreme Scale Client might allow the cached HTTP session data of one user to be accessed by a different user.

PI06914: HTPP session attributes always go to the grid after override was set to true.

PI07148: Multiple copies of map keys are kept on the Java heap when multiple indexes are defined on the same eXtremeMemory (XM)

PI07209: The HttpSession.setMaxInactiveInterval is not replicated to session management in remote data grids.

PI07347: Allow customer to override a session grid transaction timeout for a client.

PI07368: NullPointerException exception during deserialization of hashtable may occur if hashtable was modified during

PI07377: Primary shards hang during placement when ObjectGridEventListeners and sync replicas are configured.

PI07386: When the foreign domain name does not match the foreign endpoints, the error is not displayed in the log file.

PI07536: ClassCastException exception occurs when using ObjectMap.lock() API with a Loader plug-in configured.


PI07969: Foreign endpoints are not checked for valid format before being passed to the ORB/XIO.

PI08299: Incorrectly using xscmd -c establishLink can result in a sucessful link, but failed replication.

PI08328: Unnecessary calls to retrieve sessions from remote grid.

PI08357: The ClassNotFoundException occurs when you use the eXtreme Scale API from the Liberty profile MBean to shut down the

PI08361: When a JPA exception occurs, the exception class is not found.

PI08490: Hitcount on replica shards shows incorrect statistics due to replication.

PI08759: Data grid errors occur after you delete a zone.

PI09120: XIO/XM disk overflow large payloads causing gpf's on container JVMs

PI09139: Performance degradation occurs with large allocations when you use XIO and COPY_TO_BYTES.

PI09160: When you use eXtremeMemory (XM) on Solaris with WebSphere Application Server, java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError errors occur.

PI09251: Client metadata recovery might result in the MissingSerializationInfoException exception.

PI09399: mergeNewDescriptorIntoExisting appears to hang in session workload.

PI09551: An error initializing the "IBMJCE" class with the Oracle JRE prevents the eXtreme Scale client or server from starting.

PI09787: The xscmd routetable command incorrectly shows more than one sync replica.

PI09793: LockTimeout exception in primary catalog while running xscmd commands related to placement or contianers.

PI09812: Log information is missing when a catalog server cannot reference the intended container when sending placement.

PI09901: The WebSphere eXtreme Scale Client might allow the cached HTTP session data of one user to be accessed by a different user.

PI10052: Memory is fragmented when you use WebSphere eXtreme Scale extreme memory (XM) on Solaris operating systems.

PI10217: The org.omg.CORBA.BAD_PARAM exception can occur in eXtreme Scale when you use external monitoring software.

PI10561: When the JSESSIONID is set to an empty string, the java.util.NoSuchElementException exception occurs.

PI10763: Threads might hang because of the performance of the ClassSerializer.

PI10885: A ClassNotFoundException exception may be thrown during an object grid operation when XDF is used.

PI10889: FFDC reports can be large if they include content from ORBClientCoreMessageHandler or XIOClientCoreMessageHandler.

PI10890: Data grids with near-cache invalidation or last access TTL synchronization enabled might cause OutOfMemoryError exceptions.

PI10895: When using multiple Liberty servers when one is shutdown, the corresponding container does not shutdown property.

PI10898: A NullPointerException exception could occur in the near cache invalidation publisher when accepting a subscription for a

PI10912: When clients contact the catalog server to check for an updated route table, they can get delayed responses.

PI10970: An XIO-enabled synchronous replica reports a KeyNotFoundError when update or remove operations occur during heavy client load.

PI10977: When you run queries, the Java.lang.ClassCastException exception might be returned.

PI10980: WebSphere eXtreme Scale apps in the same JVM as the servers see decreased performance and repeated CWOBJ9056 messages.

PI11006: Threads hang during recovery after the process to create replica shards times out.

PI11089: Improve catalog server split brain recovery to be more autonomic.

PI11114: When enabled, eXtreme Memory (XM) fails to evict correctly when using memory-based LRU eviction.

PI11197: The WebSphere eXtreme Scale OSGi-enabled container does not restart when disconnected from the catalog.

PI11291: Missing methods from the CatalogServerProperties API require API alternatives to configure server-to-core-group mappings.

PI11520: Unable to get server mbean exception when starting a server registered with an administrative agent.

PI11556: WebSphere eXtreme Scale dynamic cache performance is slow during when the data grid is disconnected.

PI11645: Stopping multiple catalog servers might cause the catalog service domain to go out of quorum.

PI11829: NullPointerException exceptions can occur when using object query with the LOWER() SQL function and an addressable key.

PI11835: The hash index can return incorrect results when you use the MapIndex.EMPTY_VALUE special value.

PI12002: Global index (MapGlobalIndex) find methods fail with IllegalArgumentException when finding null attribute.

PI12006: WebSphere eXtreme Scale container servers print several CWOBJ2521I messages in the log files.

PI12074: Recycle catalog automatic start containers after a brownout recovery.

PI12082: xscmd -c setCatTraceSpec does not set on all catalog servers if there are more than one on a host.

PI12085: The shard type for route entries that cannot be reached are mislabeled in xscmd routetable output.

PI12206: Intermittent query failure can occur with TargetNotAvailable exceptions from the ObjectQuery.getResultIterator API.

PI12212: A ConcurrentModificationException exception might occur when you register a near-cache invalidation listener for a new map.

PI12307: ConcurrentModificationException exceptions in FFDC incorrectly being created.

PI12308: Classes with multiple writeObject or readObject methods in a class hierarchy are not deserialized correctly.

PI12309: Classes that implement writeobject & readobject calling default writeobject during deserialization are not serialized

PI12310: A NullPointerException exception or other unexpected behavior occurs when you use a deserialized object.

PI12311: The ''=='' operation may fail as false when using enum

PI12410: Reduce memory overhead for each cache entry and strings that are stored in the cache.

PI12502: Extra entries in route table are not checked or are unavailable, and is not resolved with trigger placement.

PI12524: HashMap.clear() and IdentityHashMap.clear() usage in eXtreme Scale can cause CPU overhead when using eXtreme Data Format

PI12637: Hung threads can happen when using template maps and the ShardEvents plug-in.

PI12677: WebSphere eXtreme Scale .NET clients may experience lock timeout exceptions.

PI12686: Performance bottleneck exists when using permission check period configuration for security.

PI12707: An IllegalStateException exception is caused by multiple invalidation calls.

PI12731: Information for the xscmd -c showLinkedPrimaries command is missing.

PI12798: The catalog server can leak memory over time, which can cause out of memory errors.

PI12903: Concurrent agent calls results in XIOEntryAgentCallbackImpl memory leak on client when using XIO.

PI13074: Catalog servers take a long time to start when some hosts are not reachable.

PI13463: During near-cache invalidation initialization, you can clear the near cache without notifying event listeners.

PI14077: Replicas time out during creation (CWOBJ1579W message) and are not added to the route table in larger environments.


PI14184: eXtreme Data Format (XDF) serialization and deserialization can be slow with large graphs of Objects.


PI14232: Large-value objects stored in the data grid can cause object output streams to grow in size when running get operations.

PI14525: The listener, JMSObjectGridEventListener, fails when running with synchronous replication.

PI14548: A NullPointerException exception occurs in the dynamic cache evictor because evictors are asynchronous.

PI14554: Entries never evict, if they are fired during preload.

PI14556: ClassNotFound Exception when using on XM.

PI14572: MapEventListener.entryEvicted() call prevents locking of the key

PI14584: Data flow from DomainA to DomainB fails even after linking the domains with DB in quiesce state.

PI14604: getNextKey with OutputFormat=RAW still attempts to inflate the key value

PI14645: CWOBJ6324E messages occur for serialization failures when you use the COPY_TO_BYTES copy mode.

PI14660: Discarded partitions are not removed from the route information.

PI14949: PACKAGE ORB FIXES IX90098 IX90108 IX90112 IX90113 IX90114 IX91032 IX90138 FOR WXS

PI15068: Keys that use custom Java serialization or have enums fail to map correctly when using Multi Master Replication.

PI15072: During near-cache invalidation initialization, deadlocks might occur.

PI15249: The IBM eXtremeMemory (XM) function can produce segmentation faults under load when doing certain ObjectMap operations.

PI15315: New synchronous replicas that aggressively copy data from the primary shard can cause high CPU usage.

PI15778: Update developmentMode="true" to allow for replicas to move another node if one exists.

PI15790: Missed OptimisticCollisionExceptions during collision

PI15795: Improvement of WXS security problem determination.

PI15808: A ClassCastException exception can occur when removing a non-existing entry and using the write-behind loader function.

PI15809: eXtreme Scale creates two ORB thread pools during initialization.


PI16104: ClassNotFoundException exceptions can occur when using eXtremeIO transport in WebSphere Application Server.

PI16166: When using COPY_TO_BYTES for XIO in V8.6 of the data grid, the dynamic cache meta-data is not compressed.

PI16178: Failures in WXS container reconnect code which can lead to duplicate containers.

PI16288: The catalog server may not restart after brownout.

PI16292: Brownout recovery with no quorum causes client exceptions.

PI16307: Client routing errors occur during a network brownout.


PI16353: The ObjectGridPermission.DYNAMIC_MAP permission is not checked.

PI16357: The xscmd command showMapSizes displays Inactive shards after th e restart of an XC10 collective member.

PI16371: In a Multi-Master replication (MMR) or JPA L2 scenario, the prim ary shards do not link and begin replication.

PI16690: Internal statistics data grow without being evicted leading to OutOfMemoryError conditions.

PI16800: The property cannot be used to set the service domain for dynamic cache data grids.

PI17169: Evictors can output messages with NoSuchElementException exceptions when processing evictions.

PI17316: XDF serialization might fail with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException exceptions.

PI17596: Reconnecting containers might immediately stop healthy containers during container reconnect.

PI17686: Reconnected agents or clients experience longs transactions or T argetNotAvailableException after server failover

PI17748: The Catalog service domain membership panel does not list all available servers correctly, when dynamic clusters exist.

PI17779: A security utility causes build failures on Oracle JVMs.

PI17785: HTTP session failover does not return the persistsed session.

PI17913: AES not supported on Oracle JRE on Windows and Linux.

PI18175: A subset of replicas are missing after a server stops or is restarted.

PI18503: Problems occur when you restart catalog servers and quorum is enabled.



PM85510: Fix multiple issue when trying to set the HPEL logging to enabled.

PM89088: Warning is logged on first FFDC when running in a stand-alone eXtreme Scale environment.

PM91161: WebSphere eXtreme Scale Client for .NET throws an exception when you use the DateTime attribute.


PM92829: Support container restart in OSGi environment.

PM93057: Log when we receive an establishLink or dismissLink

PM93700: Improve usability for xscmd establishLinks and dismissLinks commands

PM93701: Using local endpoints on the establishLinks command causes multimaster replication (MMR) to not function correctly.

PM93755: Thread hang or ConcurrentModificationException exceptions can occur because of incorrect synchronization.

PM93948: No support to have processes that embed an eXtreme scale server run time exit during teardown.

PM94029: Websphere eXtreme scale 8.6 installs sMash product smash0101.Sys2 file.

PM94195: When you set "Restrict cookies to HTTPS session cookies" on the application server, the cookie is not secure.

PM94222: You cannot create dynamic global indexes when a data grid only contains template maps.

PM94375: Clients running in primary catalog server do not get push routing information.

PM94454: NullPointerException exception occurs when using entitymanager with dbupdate and more than one partition.


PM94752: Session attributes do not get persisted to the remote grid when using splicer property replicationinterval=0



PM94957: NullPointerException excpetion is thrown when doing get() on map using extremememory and custom Loader.

PM94958: Optimistic lock check fails during rollback for maps with eXtremeMemory (XM) enabled.

PM94961: When eXtremememory is enabled the mapglobalindex api may return incorrect data after map has been cleared.

PM94962: A memory leak can occur when eXtremememory (XM) is enabled and the ObjectQuery API is used.

PM95190: Websphere dynamic cache instances cannot be mapped to different dynamic map instances in Websphere eXtreme Scale.

PM95577: The container reports a MissingSerializationInfoException exception when the .NET client is completing an update.

PM95595: Secure IBMID and IBMSessionHandle cookies when you use HTTP session replication.

PM95665: The WXS .NET client does not adequately prune old files from the system.

PM95666: Add 2-way SSL authentication support in the .NET client

PM95819: The XIOPrimary thread hangs while waiting to place work on another thread pool.

PM95822: Container restart fails with IBM JDK 7

PM95826: Add Suspend/Resume Heartbeating xscmd and Add disable of heartbeat startup processing.

PM95833: When using READ_UNCOMMITTED transaction isolation with an index operation on a non pessimistic map, more memory is used.

PM95987: Time to Live (TTL) eviction uses Object arrays to store entries, which causes an increase in monitors in the heap.

PM96106: A segmentation fault is seen when using TTL eviction with asynchronous replication.

PM96193: MissingSerializationInfoException exceptions might occur after you restart a data grid that has eXtreme Scale agents with XDF.

PM96302: A deadlock can occur when starting and stopping containers.

PM96458: Improve failure recovery performance in large topologies

PM96459: When you query data grids using either the xscmd -c findbykey command or with the web console, the NullPointerException

PM96472: Cache instance will not be created if WXS is the dynacache provider and disable_recursive_invalidate is set true.

PM96564: WebSphere eXtreme Scale grids configured with initial state of PRELOAD start in ONLINE state before transitioning to

PM96581: Thousands of CWOBJ7663W messages occuring in server logs


PM96743: xscmd command does not work in Liberty environment when servers are installed where part of the path name contains a

PM96747: CWOBJ4910 message incorrectly appears on catalog servers in multi-master replication topologies.

PM96750: Some containers shut down, restart, or reconnect after catalog is restarted when running in a large topology.

PM96843: An UndefinedMapException exception occurs when using XIO and having a tempmap with a .* regular expression.

PM97238: nearCacheLastAccessTTLSyncEnabled property should not be required for a WXS dynamic cache near cache.

PM97253: After WebSphere eXtreme Scale failover, many CWOBJ0061W messages, TransactionTimeoutException or LockTimeoutException

PM97317: eXtremeMemory (XM) may encounter memory leaks under certain scenarios.

PM97835: Properties for plug-ins in ObjectGrid configuration do not handle long and java.lang.Long types.

PM97837: Hit rate values over 100% are seen when attempting to view the statistics of their maps.

PM97959: OutOfMemoryException exception seen on the catalog servers during high levels of replication.

PM98006: FFDC record shows a null key message java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid key: null

PM98048: In an MMR environment a large number of ConcurrentModificationException exceptions may occur.

PM98539: MMR data not fully replicated between sites after a domain becomes unavailable.

PM98565: Memory leak when moving a shards off of a container.

PM98696: TransactionException exception can occur when using WAS processes with the same name.

PM98720: Undo placement churn after initial placement problem detected.

PM98935: Replication gets NullPointerException when trying to replication an entry with a null value when using eXtreme IO transport.


Fix Pack 3




PM92924 Transactions are not marked as active for rollback in fail fast scenarios

PM93021 Running the xscmd findByKey command in very large topologies might cause the command to time out.

PM93073 Getting started startup script can't run with special characters in path on Windows.

PM93085 Cleanup locks when session retrieval had previously failed.

PM91209 Query operations get AccessControlException exceptions.

PM92620 eXtreme Data Format failes to correctly inflate data from the grid.


PM92178 ClassCastException when using evictors with extreme memory.

PM92137 xscmd -c showLinkedPrimaries may throw exceptions when executed.

PM92189 Primary and replica-specific zone rules are not honored during restart.

PM88802 Multimaster replication (MMR) scenarios that involve COPY_TO_BYTES maps and the restart of domains can cause

PM92719 Only one application can connect to the catalog server when two application embed wsogclient.Jar and use eXtreme IO.

PM91531 Clients receive a generic TargetNotAvailableException instead of a LifecycleFailedException when creating a shard fails.

PM91216 Excessive TTL synchronization work triggers hung thread messages.

PM91220 Deadlock in near cache invalidation logic during server shutdown.

PM90640 NullPointerException when the grid is restarted while apps remain active and classes are not present in classpath.

PM92720 The XS client with XIO and SSL does not work with the Oracle JRE

PM90771 The two phase commit setting TxCommitProtocol is not reset to one phase when a session is closed

PM92694 The xscmd command returns an error indicating that the server closed the client connection

PM91218 Missing translation parameters in CWOBJ7664I messages

PM92175 Merge processing for an update with XDF may fail and generate an FFDC record on the container server All Fix Pack 2 6-14-2013 PM89756 PM90133 PM86242 PM90299 PM89217 PM88959 PM88837 PM89088 PM83957 PM87563 PM87419 PM88451 PM88817 PM88719 PM87976 PM87400 PM88686 PM85510 PM88437 PM88352 PM87979 PM87317 PM87385 PM87437 PM87437 PM87867 PM87622 PM87418 PM87627 PM87215 PM85339 PM87428 PM81376 PM87343 PM87231 PM84377 PM82429 PM85242 PM86524 PM84376 PM85940 PM81901 PM85204 PM84380 PM80564 PM84384 PM84373 PM83178 PM84383 PM83180 PM80341 PM84379 PM81641 PM80355 PM82142 PM82844 PM82614 PM83450 PM80587 PM82449 PM82530 PM81341 PM82147 PM82148 PM82135 PM82133 PM81179 PM81026 PM81703 PM80923 PM81274 PM81123 PM99254 Download All Fix Pack 1 2-7-2013 PM77266 PM77272 PM77443 PM77477 PM77540 PM77856 PM77861 PM77893 PM77948 PM78385 PM78395 PM78397 PM78407 PM78414 PM78470 PM78492 PM78825 PM78827 PM78841 PM78867 PM78869 PM78875 PM78876 PM78878 PM78936 PM78938 PM78945 PM78950 PM79085 PM79151 PM79165 PM79166 PM79168 PM79169 PM79276 PM79317 PM79338 PM79445 PM80420 PM80450 PM80587 PM81026 PM81046 PM81177 PM81179 PM81708 PM81901 PM82120 PM82123 PM82129 PM82133 PM82135 PM82147 PM82148 PM82149 Download


WebSphere eXtreme Scale version 8.5

Available Fixes for WebSphere eXtreme Scale version 8.5

The following fixes are available for download from IBM Support. Click on the description for details on what is included in a cumulative fix:

To install the latest version:

  1. Download the WebSphere eXtreme Scale version 8.5 Quick Start Guide
  2. This guide is intended to get you started with installing WebSphere eXtreme Scale and running a simple application.
  3. You want to add the and and/or repositories to your Installation Manager repository list. This will let you install the latest directly.
  4. Install the JRE Interim fix on top of


Releases Affected Component(s) Description Release Date >APARs Supercedes Prerequisites Download All Interim JRE Fix 7-22-2013 PM88607     Download All Fix Pack 3 1-15-2013 PM66352 PM69146 PM69861 PM71059 PM72236 PM73661 PM74035 PM74334 PM74462 PM74533 PM74759 PM74853 PM76020 PM76802 PM77187 PM77266 PM77272 PM77477 PM77540 PM77861 PM77885 PM77893 PM77948 PM78385 PM78407 PM78885 PM78938 PM79085 PM79120 PM79166 PM79268 PM79445 PM79506 PM79536 PM79767 PM79860 PM79915 PM80182 PM80188 PM80336 PM80341 PM80350 PM80355 PM80450 PM80468 PM80564 PM80587     Download


Releases Affected Component(s) Description Release Date APARs Supercedes Prerequisites Download


Fix Pack 1


Some of the links are still being published so some of them may not yet be active PM63208PM63266 PM63415 PM63738 PM64253 PM64258 PM64295 PM64371 PM64459 PM65121 PM65123 PM65432 PM65497 PM65498 PM65504 PM65506 PM65518 PM65523 PM65577 PM65763 PM65907 PM66352 PM66354 PM66364 PM66498 PM66512     Download


WebSphere eXtreme Scale version 7.1.1

To install the latest version:

  1. Download IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale version 7.1.1 from IBM Passport Advantage
  2. Install IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale version 7.1.1
  3. Download and install 7.1.1 Fix Pack 1 .
  4. Install the JRE Interim Fix on top of

Available Fixes for WebSphere eXtreme Scale version 7.1.1

The following fixes are available for download from IBM Support. Click on the description for details on what is included in a cumulative fix:

Releases Affected Component(s) Description Release Date APARs Supercedes Prerequisites Download


Interim JRE Fix


PM88607     Download All Fix Pack 1 01-31-2012 PM52433 PM52575 PM52580 PM52580 PM53049 PM53147 PM53356 PM53803 PM54109 PM55875 PM56134 PM56158 PM56163 PM56174 PM56473 PM56473 PM56694 PM57131 Cumulative Fix PM52406   Download
7.1.1 All Cumulative Fix (PM52406) 11-18-2011 PM52116 PM52119 PM52123 PM52124 PM52127 PM52433     Download


WebSphere eXtreme Scale version 7.1

To install the latest version:

  1. Download IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale version 7.1 from IBM Passport Advantage
  2. Install IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale version 7.1
  3. Download and install 7.1.0 Fix Pack 3 ( .


Available Fixes for WebSphere eXtreme Scale version 7.1

The following fixes are available for download from IBM Support. Click on the description for details on what is included in a cumulative fix:

Releases Affected Component(s) Description Release Date APARs Supercedes Prerequisites Download All Fix Pack 3 ( 06-15-2011 PM31814 PM31022 PM35054 PM35274 PM35900 PM36518 PM36605 PM37059 PM37579 PM37461 PM33319 PM37856 PM38880 PM39514 PM39989 PM40866 PM37461   Download All Cumulative fix (PM37461) 05-05-2011 PM33319 PM34779 PM35054 PM35274 PM35515 PM35900 PM36518 PM37059 PM37579 PM37856     Download
7.1.0 All Fix Pack 2 ( 03-25-2011 PM30264 PM30487 PM31413 PM31814 PM34071 PM22469   Download All Cumulative fix 1 12-17-2010 PM22469 PM17689 PM17774 PM19281 PM20613 PM20868 PM21160 PM21272 PM21467 PM21965 PM22026 PM22345 PM22617 PM22942 PM23340 PM23607 PM23630 PM24020 PM24439 PM25158 PM25922 PM26225 PM26286 PM20613   Download

WebSphere eXtreme Scale version 7.0

To install the latest version:

  1. Download IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale version 7.0 from IBM Passport Advantage
  2. Install IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale version 7.0
  3. Download and install cumulative fix 4.



Available Fixes for WebSphere eXtreme Scale version 7.0

The following fixes are available for download from IBM Support. Click on the description for details on what is included in a cumulative fix:

Releases Affected Component(s) Description Release Date APARs Supercedes Prerequisites Download All Cumulative fix 4 07-26-2010 PM18715 PM10844 PM10882 PM11665 PM12076 PM12989 PM14327 PM16333 PM17689 PM17772 PM08219   Download All from OpenJPA L2 Cache Plugin 04-30-2010 PM12989   PM08219 Download All Remove value class classpath requirement for the COPY_TO_BYTES copy mode. 04-08-2010 PM11665   PM08219 Download All Cumulative fix 3 03-12-2010 PM08219 PM05727 PM02591   Download All Cumulative fix 2 12-21-2009 PM02591 PK98933 PM00552 PK94683   Download All Cumulative fix 1 09-18-2009 PK94683 PK91001 PK94212 PK95197     Download

WebSphere eXtreme Scale version 6.1

To install the latest version:
  1. Install IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale Version 6.1
  2. Download and install WebSphere Extended Deployment V6.1 Fix Pack 5 for multi-platforms
  3. Download and install for cumulative fix 5.


Available Fixes for WebSphere eXtreme Scale version 6.1

The following fixes are available for download from IBM Support. Click on the description for details on what is included in a cumulative fix:

Releases Affected Component(s) Description Release Date APAR Supercedes Prerequisites Download All Cumulative fix 5 for ObjectGrid v6.1.0.5 09-12-2010 PM20441 PM01010   Download All Security is enabled but there is no SubjectSource plugin set v6.1.0.5 04-20-2010 PM10844   PM01010 Download All Cumulative fix 4 for ObjectGrid v6.1.0.5 11-18-2009 PM01010 PK93428   Download ObjectGrid eXtreme Scale causes rollback of WebSphere global transaction 09-03-2009 PK94212   PK93428 Download All Cumulative fix 3 for ObjectGrid v6.1.0.5 08-10-2009 PK93428 PK82151   Download All Cumulative fix 2 for ObjectGrid v6.1.0.5 05-01-2009 PK82151 PK79763   Download All Cumulative fix 1 for ObjectGrid v6.1.0.5 02-17-2009 PK79763     Download
6.1 All ObjectGrid 6.1 Fix Pack 5 ( 12-19-2008       Download, All Cumulative fix 3 for ObjectGrid v6.1.0.4 11-14-2008 PK75724 PK73534, PK72008   Download, All Cumulative fix 2 for ObjectGrid v6.1.0.4 10-10-2008 PK73534 PK72008   Download, All Cumulative fix 1 for ObjectGrid v6.1.0.4 09-15-2008 PK72008     Download
6.1 All ObjectGrid 6.1 Fix Pack 4 ( 09-04-2008       Download
6.1 All ObjectGrid 6.1 Fix Pack 3 ( 07-31-2008   PK69309   Download, All [Cumulative fix 2 for ObjectGrid v6.1.0.2 ] 07-23-2008 PK69309 PK67016, PK60284, PK62327   Download, All Cumulative fix 1 for ObjectGrid v6.1.0.2 06-04-2008 PK67016 PK60284, PK62327   Download
6.1 All ObjectGrid 6.1 Fix Pack 2 ( 04-24-2008   PK62327   Download ObjectGrid Cumulative fix 2 for ObjectGrid v6.1.0.1 03-14-2008 PK62327 PK60284   Download ObjectGrid ObjectGrid server ports bind to all IP addresses 02-13-2008 PK60284     Download
6.1 All ObjectGrid 6.1 Fix Pack 1 ( 01-31-2007   PK59582, PK52322, PK46417, PK50998, PK53929, PK53904   Download
6.1 ObjectGrid Catalog service fails to start due to IP aliasing 01-24-2008 PK59582   PK52322 Download
6.1 All Cumulative fix 3 for ObjectGrid v6.1 12-19-2007 PK52322 PK46417, PK50998, PK53929, PK53904   Download
6.1 HTTP Session Manager Splicer complains about missing classes 10-22-2007 PK53929     Download
6.1 HTTP Session Manager Invalidated sessions returned on subsequent getSession calls 10-12-2007 PK53904 PK50998   Download
6.1 All Cumulative fix 2 for ObjectGrid v6.1 08-23-2007 PK50998 PK46417   Download
6.1 All Cumulative fix 1 for ObjectGrid v6.1 06-22-2007 PK46417     Download



IBM DataPower XC10 Appliance V2.5 Firmware

  • DataPowerXC10 Appliance V2.5.0.4 Firmware Update (Included APARs)
    • IT03476: Multiple security vulnerabilities exist in the IBM SDK, Java Technology Edition provided with WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance
    • IT04614: WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance security vulnerabilities for web UI access and in a Java security component
    • IT02134: User authentication is increasing request latency
    • IT02815: REST calls are not processed correctly.
    • IT03140: The config export command fails with the error: java.lang.string incompatible with java.util.hashmap
    • IT03432: Data for a single partition can become unreachable and reoccurring TARGETNOTAVAILABLEEXCEPTIONS are thrown.
    • IT03670: An OutOfMemory error occurs in the appliance when XIO transport and eXtremeMemory are enabled.
    • IT03789: Introscope SNMP counters are not available on WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance V2.5 Fix Pack 3.
    • IT03816: The XSA.PD process does not start in the IBM PureApplication System caching service.
    • IT04076: Multiple users have the same name in the monitoring console of WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance.
    • IT04305: You cannot change the WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance data grid capacity setting using the monitoring console.
    • IT04310: There is an inadequate trace for the ping command.
    • IT04376: Reset password email confirmation is not sent to a configured email address.
    • IT04439: The transport and storage mode is reset to the default value after you run a configuration import.
    • IT04544: When out of memory exceptions occur, WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance does not restart.
    • IT04597: The file resource was not properly formatting its contents.
    • IT04688: Tasks are not accessible by task owners who are not administrators.
    • IT04697: Authorization check might not be updated after the data grid is deleted.
    • IT04755: Local user passwords are reset when you import configurations.
    • IT04761: Data grid owners are not allowed to modify or delete data grids.
    • IT04766: Disconnecting an appliance from the collective leaves the appliance in a failed state.
    • IT04837: You cannot delete data grids or set LRU eviction in a WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance MMR environment.
    • IT05134: SSLv3 is enabled in the WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance, which contains a vulnerability referred to as the POODLE attack.
    • IT05139: The MissingSeiralizationInfoException exception can occur when using the IBM_DC_CRC_PARTITIONED_.* dynamic cache template map.
    • IT05267: The stand-alone WebSphere eXtreme Scale console does not start when you install in a directory with spaces.
    • IT05331: An unexpected error occurred while running an access control list (ACL) update task.
    • IT05523: Configuration data loss can occur when you start a collective with more than two members.
  • DataPowerXC10 Appliance V2.5.0.3 Firmware Update (Included APARs)
    • Security Bulletin
    • IC97933: After an extended period of weeks or longer, the appliance might not respond to REST or web UI requests.
    • IC98274: Domain names are missing from the WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance user interface.
    • IT00362: A native OutOfMemory error occurs because of thread pool usage in xsa.admin process.
    • IT00827: Upsert operations hang instead of throwing an exception when the data grid reaches its configured maximum.
    • IT00891: A memory leak occurs if a client does not properly disconnect from the Object Grid manager.
    • IC93340: Exceptions occur when assimilating a third appliance or stopping multiple catalog servers.
    • IC93340: The route table output includes internal data grids, and the route table output for the _IBM_XC10_CONFIG_ grid is incorrect.
  • DataPowerXC10 Appliance V2.5.0.2 Firmware Update (Included APARs)
    • IC93340: Searching for LDAP users and groups case-insensitively may fail
    • IC94145: Configuration export fails if a data grid is included that was created by a user that no longer exists.
    • IC94614: Problems occur in the administrative console when you use Microsoft Internet Explorer.
    • IC94675: An OutofMemory (OOM) error occurs in the console process of the appliance when many maps are defined.
    • IC94714: LDAP groups and users are not encoded correction by the runtime environment.
    • IC94715: You cannot undo changes after you upload an invalid keystore or truststore file.
    • IC94778: You might not receive a notification email when you change your password.
    • IC94828: A LockTimeoutException exception is thrown when forein domain information is exchanged.
    • IC94918: Filter the contents of the trace.Zip file using a process name and exclude statistics CSV files.
    • IC94986: Network interface changes made from the command-line interface might not be reflected in the corresponding GUI panel.
    • IC95566: OutOfMemeoryException exception can occur if REST is used with round-robin load balancer on the XC10.
    • IC95793: Data grid configuration changes fail after upgrading from Version 2.1 to Version 2.5 of the appliance.
    • IC95894: When you use Internet Explorer to access the appliance, the aggregate interfaces page might show a warning that cannot be
    • IC95981: XC10 appliance startup doesn't work on Internet Explorer 8.
    • IC96033: LDAP group user members may not reflect within the LDAP user group.
    • IC96089: Improvements have been made to the Ethernet interface graphical user interface operations.
    • IC96106: Successful firmware upgrade tasks might appear to never complete.
    • IC96133: Inserts that are done through the REST interface might erroneously return HTTP status code 200.
    • IC96174: The appliance might allow unauthenticated access to administrative operations and data.
    • IC96488: Ethernet interfaces mode drop-down boxes might be empty.
    • PM94094: Unnecessary queries being sent to LDAP server on XCADMIN login.
  • DataPowerXC10 Appliance V2.5.0.1 Firmware Update (Included APARs)


  • DataPower XC10 Appliance V2.5 Firmware Update (Included APARs)
    • IC91726 Appliance may allow unauthenticated access to administrative operations
    • IC91637 WebSphere DataPower XC10 Appliance log files might be inadvertently deleted



IBM DataPower XC10 Appliance V2.1 Firmware