About this community

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This is a community for software developers that want to learn from each other whether employed by IBM or any other company. The purpose of this community is to be a place for collaboration and knowledge sharing about software development and other topics related to or of interest for developers. This community is also the home for our reading groups where we read something together and meet in a phone meeting every or every second week discuss what we have read and learn more about it from each other.


This community has no formal leaders

In a good community are there no formal leaders. Instead may anyone take leadership at any time and start new initiatives that we all can take part of, like our reading groups. We encourage everyone to take leadership and start and try interesting ideas for activities that come up. This way may anyone practise leadership and grow and contribute to a good community for all of us.

No one can alone take leadership to build and keep a community active as there are periods when our work call for the most of our time. The community is very dependent of the activity from its members and if all of us take some leadership now and then will it work best.

But until you find your role as a leader of this community may you support the already ongoing activities by taking part of them and contribute with your own collaboration like comments and discussions.


This community is mostly about learning

The discussions in this community is mostly aimed for discussions about learning resources and for discussions related to our learning activities and what we currently are trying to learn. For more general development discussions are there other communities that provides better help, particularly the large Java technology community. We can learn a lot by being active in that community too!


Beware confidential information!

This community is publicly available to anyone, not only to employees at IBM or any other company. Knowledge and public information about the projects where we work is in general not confidential but keep in mind that it is public to anyone if it is published in this community or to its members. We want everyone to share as much as possible of their knowledge as long as it not is confidential. Use common sense to decide what information you not should share.

Anyone that take part of information that may be confidential in this community should respect the confidentiality and not spread it further but instead notify any of the community owners (admins) about it. It is easier for us to share our knowledge and learn from each other if we can trust each other also.