Using the SmartCloud Orchestrator hosted beta system

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The hosted system is not currently in use please note.

The hosted beta system is a shared evaluation system, a "sandbox", installed and configured with the latest beta code that is ready for you to try and test.

Via a virtual private network (VPN) connection, you connect to a remote desktop prepared for you with tools and links to explore the system.

Follow these simple steps to use the hosted beta system:

If you encounter issues when using this procedure please let us know by using this → email link while providing product-related feedback as described below.



Install and Configure the VPN Client (First Time Only) - using Cisco AnyConnect

These steps are required only once:

Sign in to → the hosted gateway site, entering the VPN username (ending '-bwk') and password emailed to you following your request.





Be sure to hit 'Continue' to accept the terms of use

Once you login (username/password) you will be required to change the generated password we sent you.

Please use the minimum password strength rules and policy, as instructed in the email we sent you.

Once you change your password after sign in (above) - the automated downloader commences ; it will do some checks before downloading the client - if you are prompted to accept firewall prompts for this installer, respond accordingly.






Once the appropriate prompts are accepted ; the download of the Cisco AnyConnect will commence and will install automatically (eg. Windows)







NOTE: if the automated download does not start (eg. on a non-Windows platform), you can download (c. 6Mb) and run the Cisco AnyConnect installer manually for your platform - its straightforward !

A Cisco AnyConnect quicklaunch icon will also appear on your toolbar or desktop after install.

Once installed, the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client attempts to connect to the gateway,  as required. If a connection is not established automatically, simply click on the QuickLaunch Icon ; hit 'Connect' to connect to the Hursley Gateway - you should will be asked to enter the VPN username and password supplied.

Launch Icon looks like this >>



Once connected, the AnyConnect VPN client minimises and a VPN connection is active.


Please note: The Cisco AnyConnect client  provided as described in this section is only and exclusively to be used to access the Hursley Customer Center Network (such as the IBM Cloud Orchestrator hosted beta), to facilitate participation in HCC-led engagements, and to be used only for the duration of the engagement or time period specified in the hosted access email notification sent to you following a hosted beta access request.

In order to connect to any other environment or an environment that requires an Cisco Anywhere connection, a licensed copy of the client software must be secured accordingly.


Request Access Details

Perform this step whenever you need access details:


Goto → -link not in use- and accept the "online interactive use agreement" (International Agreement for Early Release of IBM SaaS and Hosted Program Offerings). As soon as you have clicked the "I confirm" button your request has been received and you are taken to the "Hosted Beta" tab. At this point just close your browser.

Access details are provided to you via e-mail with credentials and information for connecting to the hosted beta system, including

  • VPN User Name
  • VPN Password
  • Remote Desktop IP Address
  • Exploration User ID
  • Exploration Password

The credentials are valid for 3 days. During this time frame you can connect to and disconnect from the system's remote desktop whenever you like.

You can repeat the request for access details any time and as often as you like to get credentials for another 3-day time frame.

Your request is processed in an automated way and typical response times should be a matter of tens of minutes – even during weekends and outside of normal business hours. Exceptional delays are possible due to request peaks. If you do not receive a response within reasonable time, please → get in contact with us.



Use the System

Using the system requires that you have received access information via an automated email. See the previous section on how to request access information.

Based on the information, connect and use the system by performing the following steps:

Start the IBM Cisco AnyConnect

Fill in the provided VPN  User Name and VPN Password as defined in the email entitled 'Access details' - as mentioned,  the VPN client minimizes into a taskbar icon once connected.

Start a remote desktop connection (on Windows: Start > All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection) using the Remote Desktop IP Address provided in the access details.
Fill in Exploration Session User Name and Exploration Session Password as defined in the session access details. (You might have to click "Other User" on the initial screen to get to these input fields.)

This opens your remote desktop from where you can start your exploration.


As mentioned above, you can disconnect from and reconnect to your remote desktop environment as often as you like while your access credentials are valid.

Important Notices:

The hosted beta system is used in a shared mode with rather permissive authorizations so that all users can explore a broad range of capabilities. This setup requires the following rules to be obeyed by all users:

  • Naming convention: please prefix any artifact that you create with your Exploration Session User Name

    Example: “u100_my_artifact”
  • Caution: please do not alter or delete other users' artifacts

Please note that in the current setup hosted beta sessions are time-limited, download to local drives is disabled and user environments are reused.

You can explore the software using the scenarios described in

SmartCloud Orchestrator Beta Exploration Guide D5



Provide Feedback

Your feedback is critical for this development collaboration program and your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.

Please use one of the following options for questions and feedback on the hosted beta: