Getting Started

Getting Started


Community format

Each curriculum area has its own subcommunity.  You access a subcommunity using the displayed menu. Once you are in a subcommunity, you are presented with a list of supported courses for that curriculum. 

Associated with each course will be a Course communication hyperlink.  This hyperlink directs you to a forum that is specific to that course. Once in the forum, you are able to create new topics or respond to existing topics. This is the communication vehicle to be used to ask questions about the course material or to let the curriculum owner know about any mistakes in the material or problems with the lab exercises.

There is potentially a second hyperlink, Known issues, that may also be associated with a course. This hyperlink points to a wiki specific to the course. After problems have been brought to the curriculum owner's attention, the documented solution will be listed in this wiki.  This allows you, the instructor, to note all known corrections prior to teaching a course. The content of the wiki can both be viewed and printed.

Each curriculum will have its own forum as well.  This is to be used for questions or issues that are not related to an individual course. For example, use this forum if you have noticed any skill gaps in the curriculum or are aware of demand for additional courses that do not exist in the curriculum.


Community notification

As an instructor who is allowed to access the IM Instructor community, you also have access to all subcommunities. As changes are made to a subcommunity (topics created or responded to, wikis updated), notifications are sent to interested parties.  By default, when you are added as a member to a subcommunity, you are NOT following that community.  There may be a number of curricula for which you have no interest.  At the top right of each subcommunity web page, there is a Following Actions menu option.  Here you can choose whether you wish to follow that subcommunity. 

To set how often you are to be notified about changes for subcommunities that your are following,  click the drop down arrow next to your sign in ID that is displayed at the top of each community web page.  Select Settings to specify how often you wish to be notified for responses and notifications.