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Workload Automation an IBM + HCL product

Workload Automation new version is available!



Workload Automation portfolio enables you to automate, plan and control the processing of workloads. It includes

and integrates workloads, tasks and processes for distributed environments and IBM System z environments – as well

as enterprise applications. It functions as a virtual control point and allows you to intervene manually as required – giving

you full control over service execution.


The new Workload Scheduler 9.4 version, delivered on December 2016, represents another step forward in the

effort to accommodate the new flood of requirements spawned by business unit driven projects, such as cloud, big data,

analytics, and mobility.


A new set of Workload Scheduler for z/OS v9.3 SPEs has been delivered during 2016 with auditing and security

enhancements, application dependencies, NOP, and manual holding at database level.


The new version also proves the technical vitality of IBM + HCL that continues to enhance and modernize the Workload

Automation offering.


Announcement letters are available for Distributed and z/OS.