SCA Release Notes

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This page contains the SCA release notes.


SCA 1.5.78 - Released 8 October 2014

Additional References: Setup Guide | User Guide

This release covers the following fixes and vulnerability updates:

  • Feature to configure report definitions across TEMA instances through REST API
  • Enhancements to report viewing:
    • Automatic exclusion of non-relevant template checklists from a user's SCA reports
    • Exclusion of Action sites as a checklist
    • Exclusion of checklist that have no SCM content
    • Inclusion of only the checklists that are subscribed to a user's viewable computers in the reports
    • Setup up default views for report resources
    • Set up a default home page
  • Credentials obfuscation for database users
  • Exclusion of Action sites as a checklist (Fix for Bug# 59667)
  • Support for LDAP Active Directory global catalog
  • Support for the following:
  • Microsoft SQL versions 2012
  • Microsoft SQL versions 2014
  • Windows SQL Server 2012
  • Provided fixes and addressed the following:
    • 53648:  SCA Reporting does not report the UNIX Vulnerability History (PMR 59603,499,000)
    • 57316:  Import of SCM in TEMA 1.3.33 fails because of OOM (PMR 10560,999,744, 05996,019,866)
    • 59667:  A site without an SCM check is shown in TEMA SCA (39094,842,758)
    • 60868:  Ability to select which checks to import. In TEMA SCA 1.5, no checklist is shown in the TEMA Analytics UI if there is 0 computer subscribed to the site (91187,019,866).
    • 61631:  Upgrading to SCA 1.4 fails with a 'duplicate key' error. The site name contains special characters that TEMA SCA treated as the same character ([C]09006,379,000).
    • 62328:   Error when trying to delete old data source out of TEMA SCA datasources view (27703,442,000).
    • 62489: Error indicating that there's not enough memory error when the user attempts to add DB2 database as a datasource in TEMA SCA configuration. SCA 1.5 fixed the memory limitation error. (53320,442,000, [C]05875,49R,000).
    • 62875, 64870: When exporting SCA to .CSV file, the line feed as a field separator is not recogized. (47136,694,760).
    • 63285: Error when attempting to connect TEMA SCA to datasource (81167,122,000).
    • 63962: ETL Failed over DB2 TEM DB 9.1.x (03058,442,000)
    • 30316: Computers that are marked as deleted with BESComputerRemover still appear in TEMA
    • 46477: Slow Report Page load performance over a large check result set
    • 55527: TEMA does not handle IEM that being used by SCA and SUA with different BES schema extension requirements
    • 57769: DB2: ETL fails against DB2 with Windows external site in a localized deployment
    • 61372: TEMA fails to initialize after install due to an error caused by JRuby upgrade.
    • 61415: The About menu does not work.
    • 61669: SCA fresh installation fails with exception on production due to an error caused by Jruby upgrade.
    • 61730: Scheduled report emails fail to send after upgrade to 1.4.35.
    • 62387: Computer Property Values fail to populate if computers are updated mid-ETL
    • 62391: Datasource sequence is calculated at ETL start
    • 62725: Hard deleted computer fix should only target the most recent computer SCD rows
    • 63059: The TEMA installer does not open the HTTPS URL when upgraded
    • 63181: SCA 1.5 service name & description needs update in the installer.
    • 63291: SCA does not accept RSA keys (HTTPS configuration).
    • 63369: Check on saved report returns the following error: undefined method `locale=' for #<ReportSubscription @values={}>.
    • 63493: The TEMA SCA upgrade failed when DB auth for IEM/TEMA has the correct SQL Auth with sysadmin but not the DBOwner.
    • 63495: TEMA SCA UI doesn't display well on IE after the upgrade
    • 63522: SCA 1.4.46: An error returns when Check or Check result reports is selected.
    • 63565: Wrong ssl port (LDAP) for active directory
    • 63627: TEMA is prompted to reconfigure database connection but fails to reconnect after a new database is provided
    • 63634: TEMA fresh install fails and has a page error when the Operator provides an incorrect database credential
    • 63744: Failed TEMA service restart after port changes were made
    • 63871: The scheduled report with PDF is not sent
    • 64059: Memory leak over continuous ETL (with JRuby)


SCA 1.4.46 - Released February 27, 2014

This patch release covers the following fixes and vulnerability updates:

  • Fixed the following upgrade issues:

              60536: User provisioning returns an exception error that indicates that the time limit has been exceeded

              61631 : Upgrade to SCA 1.4 fails with 'duplicate key' error

              60662 : Upgrade to TEMA SCA 1.4.35 brought the following error: HTTP ERROR: 503 SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE

               61730 : Upgrade to TEMA SCA 1.4.35 made scheduled report emails fail

  • Addressed  TEMA susceptibility to various Java vulnerabilities (CVE-2013-4491, 61368 and 61363). For detailed vulnerability updates, see


SCA 1.4.35 - Released November 21, 2013

This patch release covers the following enhancements and fixes:

  • Added a feature to allow multiple scheduled imports on a daily interval.
  • Added a feature in the check report page to show the check description value.
  • Fixed the issue where the measured value column in the CVS export file shows blank data when opened in Excel. The issue was caused by the data wrap in the second line. (PMR: [C]82040,122,000)
  • Fixed the issue where the SCA fails to export PDF files when the user is viewing multiple records (PMR: [C]11852,999,744)
  • Fixed the upgrade issue that occurs during a database schema update when an NT service user name is not being validated due to a case mismatch. SCA attempts to match the DB owner user name with that of the SCA user name accessing the database. (PMR: [C]65387,L6Q,000; [C]55310,499,000)
  • Fixed the following LDAP issues:
    • 60536: User provisioning returns an exception error that indicates that the time limit has been exceeded
    • 60507: User provisioning takes long time and returns an exception error that indicates that the size limit has been exceeded
    • 60505: LDAP test connection takes a long time over large TDS LDAP repositories and test results indicate that the size limit has been exceeded
    • 59825: LDAP authentication does not work for Tivoli Directory Server (TDS)


SCA 1.4.29 - Released October 11, 2013

This maintenance patch release supports the upgrade path from TEMA SCA 1.3.33 to 1.4.29. Users who already have TEMA 1.4.28 do not require upgrades.


SCA Patch 1.4.28 Released October 2, 2013

  • Fixed the issue of SCA not exporting the data correctly to CSV. The CVS export generation time was optimized. (PMR: [C]20178,442,000)
  • Fixed the TEMA SCA 1.4 issue of failed upgrades during the update of the database schema. The fix resolved the upgrade error for the historically deleted Vulnerability checklist. (PMR: 65387,L6Q,000; 55310,499,000)

Actions to take 

To download IBM Endpoint Manager Analytics, perform the following steps:

1.    In the IBM Endpoint Manager console, add the SCM Reporting masthead.

2.    In the Security Configuration domain in the console, open the Configuration Management navigation tree.

For first time installations:

3.    Click the Security and Compliance Analytics dashboard.

4.   From the list of supported endpoints, select the target server and click Deploy Installer. An action opens that downloads the SCA software into a Tivoli Endpoint Manager Analytics folder inside the Tivoli Endpoint Manager client folder on that server. For example, c:\Program Files\BigFix Enterprise\BES Installers\TEMA).

Note: If you are using the x86 version of a Windows operating system, the path to the install location will be c:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Installers\TEMA.

For upgrading an existing installations:

3.   Under the Upgrade menu tree node, select the Fixlet named TEM SCA Upgrade (<version>), where <version> is the latest available version of SCA and is listed above.

4.   Follow the Fixlet instructions and take the associated action to upgrade your TEM SCA deployment.