Release Notes for Software Use Analysis 2.2

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About this release

IBM Endpoint Manager for Software Use Analysis 2.2 is an IBM product that is available to IBM Passport Advantage® clients. The application gathers information about installed software, its use, and hardware in the customers' infrastructure. The application allows them to assess if they are compliant with licensing requirements, and provides reports that are required for IBM compliance audits. Apart from that, it helps to reduce costs and improve desktop and network security.

Software Use Analysis 2.2 version offers the following enhancements to the previous version:

  • The new server installer, which is built on InstallAnywhere framework, allows you to easily diagnose an installation problem, repair it, and then rerun the failed step.
  • Simple catalog management. To create signatures, you can use the built-in function, as well as the launch-in-context feature that allows you to use Scan Data and Registry Data reports for quick creation of signatures. Catalog with customizations can be exported into native format and uploaded into a new Software Use Analysis installation before the initial import.

    Restriction: Native format overwrites the existing catalog. It can only be imported into a fresh Software Use Analysis installation

  • Unrecognized files report, which helps you to detect the new software.
  • Improved usage data monitoring. You can avoid duplication of signatures by checking the status of the file in one of the new columns that were added to the Scan Data report. You can check whether your computers are entitled to use particular software and have this software that is installed by checking their statuses in new columns in Contract Usage Data report.
  • Improved roles system.
  • Custom fields in contracts, where you can provide extra information that pertains to your software contracts.

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