Best Practices for IBM Tivoli CAM for Transactions Cognos Reports

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The ITCAM for Transaction Tivoli® Common Reporting Cognos® reports are historical reports, reporting against raw and summarized data that is collected in Tivoli Data Warehouse with any supported version of IBM® Tivoli Monitoring. These reports run against ITCAM for Transaction agents, including Application Management Console, Client Response Time, Web Response Time, Robotic Response Time, Internet Service Monitoring, and Transaction Tracking.

This paper is for persons who plan, configure, implement, or administer Tivoli Common Reporting Cognos reports. The examples in this paper are generally only focused on the ITCAM for Transactions Tivoli Common Reporting reports. This paper introduces the best practices on the installation and configuration of ITCAM for Transaction Tivoli Common Reporting Cognos reports, and also includes how to customize ITCAM for Transaction agents to generate historical data that is required by Transaction Tivoli Common Reporting Cognos reports.

ITCAM for Transactions reports must be deployed in a Tivoli Monitoring environment in which Tivoli Common Reporting and Tivoli Data Warehouse are installed. ITCAM for Transactions Reporting is installed on Tivoli Common Reporting. The user interface for Tivoli Common Reporting is Tivoli Integrated Portal. Create and view reports in the Tivoli Integrated Portal. The Tivoli Data Warehouse is the data source for ITCAM for Transaction Reports. When historical data collection is enabled for ITCAM for Transaction agents, collected data is stored in Tivoli Data Warehouse. The architecture overview is shown in the following figure.

The environment described in this paper uses the following versions:

  • IBM Tivoli Common Reporting Version 2.1.1
  • IBM Tivoli Monitoring Version 6.2.3 Fix Pack 1
  • IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Transaction Version
  • IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for Transaction Tivoli Common Reporting Reports
  • IBM Cognos 8 Version 4 Business Intelligence
  • IBM DB2 Enterprise Edition Version 9.7

You can download the whole paper by the following link:

ITCAM for Transactions TCR Reports Best Practices

About the Authors

This paper was written by Min He, Jia Yi He, Yan Jiao Mao and Xiao Ming Hu. All of them are from ITCAM for Transactions SVT team. If you have questions on this paper, you can contact the authors listed above.