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The Rational® Application Developer Community is a hub where you can find a variety of resources to help you design, develop, implement, and deploy applications. You can also find the latest updates and events related to IBM® Rational Application Developer for WebSphere® Software (hereinafter referred to as Rational Application Developer).

In addition to Rational Application Developer this community also provides information about the following:

About Rational Application Developer

Rational Application Developer is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Java, Java EE, Web 2.0, SOA, and Mobile development that offers unique capabilities for raising initial code quality and for targeting WebSphere runtime environments. Used by many tens of thousands of developers worldwide, Rational Application Developer enables higher productivity, better initial code quality, and overall improved DevOps outcomes particularly when used in combination with complementary solutions such as Rational Team Concert™, and where targeting IBM runtime environments such as WebSphere Application Server, Liberty, WebSphere Portal, and IBM Bluemix.


Announcing Rational Application Developer V9.6 Beta

Rational Application Developer (RAD) v9.6 Beta 3 is now available. This Beta release is based on Eclipse 4.6.0 Release Candidate 3. The Beta release offers WebSphere Application Server traditional V9 support, Command line Interface (CLI) features, development support of applications in a running Liberty/remote Docker image, tools support for a variety of platforms, and other updates and enhancements.

For more detailed information, see the following resources:

Announcing Rational Application Developer V9.5

Rational Application Developer V9.5 is now available. The initial focus of the program is on support for Java 8 and Java EE 7. The underlying foundation of the code is Eclipse 4.4.

In the context of this program, an experimental technology for optimizing test coverage and utilization is also made available for evaluation. It is provided in the form of plug-ins that can be installed to existing instances of IBM Rational Integrated Development Environments. For more information about the program, see the announcement.

For more detailed information, see the following resources:

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New features and enhancements in Rational Application Developer