VIOS Advisor

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Virtual I/O Server Advisor



The VIOS advisor is an application that runs within the customer's VIOS for a user specified amount of time (hours), which polls and collects key performance metrics before analyzing results and providing a health check report and proposes changes to the environment or areas to investigate further.

The goal of the VIOS advisor is not to provide another monitoring tool, but instead have an expert system view performance metrics already available to the customer and make assessments and recommendations based on the expertise and experience available within the IBM systems performance group.


  • Download from the link provided in download section
  • Unzip on a workstation that has a web browser.
  • ftp vios_advisor onto the VIOS you wish to monitor. (place in any directory)
  • chmod +x vios_advisor to give the application execution priviliges.

Steps to run VIOS Advisor

The application "vios_advisor" takes only one paramter, which is the duration of the the monitoring period, in minutes.

For example,to monitor the VIOS for 30 minutes run:

vios_advisor 30

Usage Statement:

Usage: vios_advisor


Recommended monitoring time = >= 30 min

Minimum monitoring time = 5 min (only recommended for settings verification)

Maximum monitoring time = 1440 min (24 hours)

-v : Version


The vios_advisor application is silent (does not produce any output to screen) and upon termination, will generate an xml file in the current running directory labeled:


Copy over the vios_advisor.xml file to the workstation where the zip file: was extracted, and place the file in the vios_advisor folder.

Open the vios_advisor.xml file with the web-browser of your choice to see the report.

Sample Screenshots

XML Screen

CPU Screen

Info Screen


The measured overhead for the VIOS Advisor is minimal. An increase in CPU consumption of 0.1 cores was measured on a Power7 server.

Memory consumption will vary based on the number of physical I/O devices in the VIOS, but expect the advisor to consume 2MB-20MB of memory.

Overhead Measurements Results: VIOS Advisor CPU and Memory Overhead


The VIOS advisor was built to run on VIO Server version and later. It is likely to produce anomalous results when run on earlier VIO Server versions.

The VIOS advisor is supported on Power5, Power6, and Power7 platforms.


The Beta Version of the tool can be downloaded by directly clicking the link below:

Latest Version: 030813A

To check your current version, run: vios_advisor -v


Sergio Reyes ( - IBM Systems Performance Group