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April 9, 2013

March 26, 2013

July 10, 2012

  • Withdrawal: IBM Systems Director V6.1, AEM V4.1 and V4.2, VMControl V2.1 and V2.2, Network Control V1.1, Systems Director Express Edition V6.1.2, Systems Director Standard Edition V6.1.2, Systems Director Enterprise Edition V6.1.2 for Power and x86.

April 24, 2012

October 12, 2011

August 2, 2011

  • IBM Upward Integration for for VMware vSphere V1.0 is now available as part of the IBM Systems Director Standard Edition.

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Technical Forum

IBM Systems Director Forum (System x, System z, Power Systems}

This forum provides a place for all IBM System Director discussion topics. You can post your IBM System Director questions and comments, and share your thoughts, ideas, and solutions with other users.

Education - Formal Classes

  • IBM Systems Director 6.2 for Power Systems I: Installation and Management: AX940 (online), AN940 (classroom)
  • IBM Systems Director 6.2 for Power Systems II: Advanced Configurations: ,
  • Systems Director VMControl 2.3 for a Cloud Computing Infrastructure: AX960 (online), AN960 (classroom)
  • IBM Systems Director 6.2 - Introduction: XTR46 (classroom)
  • IBM Systems Director 6.2 for IBM System x and BladeCenter Servers: XTRD1 (classroom)
  • IBM Systems Director 6.2 for IBM System x and BladeCenter Servers - Base: (classroom)
  • IBM Systems Director 6.2 for IBM System x and BladeCenter Servers - Advanced: (classroom)
  • IBM Systems Director 6.2 Hands-on Workshop: (classroom)
  • SDMC Software and Hardware Appliance:

IBM Systems Director Plug-in License Keys

You can download license keys for IBM Systems Director plug-ins that enable you to use the plug-ins for sales and demonstration purposes. First, you must download and install the plug-in from the IBM Systems Director download site. Then, you can download and install the corresponding license keys.


IBM Systems Director Product Videos


No Title   Size Description
1. Director 6 Marketing Overview   4MB self contained Windows exe
2. Director 6 Hands-on Technical Introduction   43MB self contained Windows exe
3. Hands-on Technical Getting Started Demo (originally to Analysts)   70MB self contained Windows exe
4. BladeServer Service Processor Configuration via Templates and a Plan   8MB .wmv movie
5. Custom Compliance Policies Demonstration   7MB .wmv movie
6. Hardware Monitoring Demo   5MB .wmv movie
7. Director for the Green Datacenter Efficiency   11MB self contained Windows exe
8. VMControl 2.1 - Hands-on Technical Demo of main functions   34MB self contained Windows exe
9. VMControl - Value Summary   11MB self contained Windows exe
10. VMControl 2.2 - Value in Three Editions   75MB self contained Windows exe
11. Mega RAID Demo   3.5MB .wmv movie
12. Resource Monitoring Demo   6MB .wmv movie
13. Manage BladeCenter Storage in IBM Systems Director   4.5MB .wmv movie
14. Integrated Storage Management in 6.1.2   68MB self contained Windows exe
15. Virtualization - Automatically Relocate based on hardware event   2MB .wmv movie
16. Network Management 1.0   6MB .avi format
17. Network Control 1.1 - Integrated Network Management   80MB Self contained Windows exe
18. Active Energy Manager - end to end demo   35MB .mp4 format
19. Active Energy Manager - systems discovery demo   4MB Streaming demo
20. Active Energy Manager - IBM POWER7 demo   7MB Streaming demo
21. Automate Energy Savings with Active Energy Manager   17MB Self contained Windows exe
22. Getting Started - Install and Setup   90MB Self contained Windows exe
23. Customize Startup Tabs   17MB Self contained Windows exe
24. AIX6 & POWER6 Hands-On Technical Demo Movies wiki   Link IBM Systems Director on AIX product videos. Check back often as new movies are continually being added.  
25. Systems Director 6.2.1 - Enabling Customers to Achieve Their Goals   137MB Self contained Windows exe  

On YouTube

View the latest technical demonstrations on the IBM Systems Director YouTube channel.


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The following are links to IBM Services (US) for IBM Systems Director (on Power Systems) and related plug-ins: