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Informix Chat with the Lab -"Internet Of Things(IoT) Demo - Making life better with IoT"

Hosted by: Anita McKeithen (IBM)
Presented by:

Jerry Keesee - Director, IBM Informix Database Development (IBM),

Darin Tracy - Software Engineer (IBM)

Whether it is about being smart in handling your daily chores, or managing the environment around you, IoT is revolutionizing and "awesomizing" how we go about doing this. With Informix as the Intelligent Database to manage data from sensor devices, you can see how smart and easy it is to build your solutions for IoT. This demo showcases Informix strengths in IoT including easy of embed (come see Informix running on ARM based devices and Shaspa Gateway), TimeSeries, Cloud capabilities (using Softlayer), building your analytics (with IWA) and the simplicity of developing your applications with Informix.

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The Merging of Space and Time: Supporting needs in the Spatiotemporal Domain

With TimeSeries, Informix can track changes over time in

stock prices or sensor reading in instruments or smart

meters. With Spatial, we can model the location and geometry

on the earth's service. In this presentation we will explore

how these technologies are the building blocks to supporting

Spatiotemporal based applications that need to, as an

example, track moving objects through time."
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Informix Chat with the Lab -"Informix Cloud Offerings"

BM announced the Bluemix Beta back in April 2014. Informix has provided our Time Series capability as a service and has been actively used in the Beta by over 1000 tenants. Cloud based development and deployment is no longer theoretical or hypothetical. Organizations moving to Cloud for rapid application development, and to stay ahead of competition. Apart from enabling rapid application development, Cloud enables you to allocate infrastructure resources only when needed there by reducing infrastructure cost. With Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service offerings, customers no longer to have to worry about configuring and integrating various middleware services like database server, application server and caching servers.

In this session, we will explore 1) what makes Informix as a cloud ready database 2) Informix offering in Bluemix -- An IBM hosted Platform as a Service offering based on Cloud Foundry-- and Informix demo in Bluemix environment 3) A few sample application examples for bluemix environment

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High volume data management with NoSQL sharding High volume data management is new normal with ever increasing connected devices, sensors constantly collecting data, social networking, and new government policies to keep data around for a long time. Commodity hardware, virtualization and new cloud standards make organizations rethink their IT strategy, and adopt the DevOps model to constantly improve customer satisfaction and stay ahead of competition.

Informix replication technologies has API modernization, and Flexible schema management. Using the new JSON/BSON data type scale-out functionality with sharding techniques. Strong security features, and built in autonomic features makes Informix better suited for the new generation of applications.

In this session, we will explore how to manage ever increasing data with Informix sharding functionality to take advantage of commodity hardware and virtualization standards. Informix sharding and replication technologies enhances the user experience and quality of service remains consistent during the period of heavy load.
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IBM Informix now has NoSQL / JSON

One of the hottest marketing buzzwords in the IT industry today is NoSQL where data is manipulated without the constraints or rules typically associated traditional database systems. Informix now has NoSQL / JSON capabilities built into it. Informix can now store both SQL and NoSQL data giving tremendous power to application requiring "hybrid" data support. Moreover agile application development and data growth require databases to handle changing schema and growing data. The NoSQL approach to data modeling and scaling out on the cloud environment helps address these requirements of modern web and mobile applications. 

Data-at-rest encryption is a requirement for meeting compliance regulations like HIPAA and PCI-DSS, and it's one of the most effective methods for protecting sensitive, business-critical information. IBM Informix customers now realize the benefits of data encryption and key management from Gazzang, the leader in big data security.  Gazzang’s high-performance, software-based security suite has recently completed Informix certification. 

Join this Chat with the Lab to learn about Informix NoSQL capabilities and Gazzang's Senior SE, Robert Linden, will join us to talk about the importance of encryption and key management and demonstrate how easy it is to install configure and run Gazzang.

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IBM Informix Enterprise Data Management for the Internet-of-Things

Why IBM Informix is best suited for the Internet-of-Things?  From its embed capabilities with its small footprint and ease of use and administration. Informix is efficient in its use of the cloud as a fully operational database with warehouse and analytic capabilities.  IBM Informix is a single database that provides solutions from end to end in the Internet-of-Things. Click here Click here

Informix Chat with the Lab -Speed-of-thought query response with Informix Warehouse Accelerator and new SQL enhancements in Informix 12.1;

Informix Warehouse Accelerator uses an in-memory, columnar approach to accelerate queries up to (or over) 100 times, with no change to business applications and no database tuning required. Informix 12.1 introduced new automated partition refresh and trickle-feed features to help ensure that the data mart is always current for real-time analytics. The new release also introduced significant SQL enhancements for faster business intelligence (BI). This lab will present typical hard data warehouse problems and how to use Informix 12.1 to solve them. Click here Click here

"Strategic Directions for IBM Informix Documentation"

The IBM Knowledge Center is our new technology designed to bring IBM's technical publications together in a single location, and will replace our individual IBM information centers. It has improved search capabilities, and additional features that you can use to:

- Build your own collections of information

- Create custom PDF files of just the information that you need

- Easily switch between product versions and languages of the same topic

In this Chat with the Lab session, we'll walk you through these and other enhancements. We hope that you'll attend this session to see how easy it is to find, share, and customize the information that you need.
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IBM Informix NoSQL Feature – The Deep Dive Continues!

The interest in the new NoSQL feature introduced in Informix has been overwhelming! Hundreds of people attended the half-day deep dive session held on the Sunday of this year’s Information on Demand conference in Las Vegas to learn how to bring NoSQL to a SQL database.

Whether you joined us in Las Vegas or this is your first introduction to Informix NoSQL, we hope you’ll attend this Chat with the Labs to learn about the Informix NoSQL implementation that includes:

1 – “Hybrid” storage – the ability to store JSON and relational tables in the same storage engine

2 – “Hybrid” applications – the ability to access both NoSQL and SQL data using either a NoSQL API or a SQL API.

Attend this Chat with the Labs and hear about business use cases, implementation of a real big data mobile application, internals of IBM's implementation of NoSQL and best practices for enterprise development to exploit NoSQL and SQL in the application environment. Bring your questions to ask the experts!
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Using Security Best Practices with Informix

In the ever expanding concerns of Data Privacy, IBM and Informix stand ready to help keep your customer's data private and secure. In this presentation we will discuss some of the best practices to implement the security necessary to meet PCI, HIPAA and the regulatory requirements. In addition to best practices we will also discuss the tools that Informix offers to implement these, and IBM products which simplify or enhance those capabilities.
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Combining Structured and Unstructured Data for Powerful, Big Data Enterprise Applications

NoSQL databases are known for their ability to store rich, unstructured document data for ready access by burgeoning web and mobile applications, but their lack of support for relational database concepts limits their use in mission-critical, enterprise applications.

Now, developers of web and mobile applications no longer have to sacrifice reliability and transactional integrity when dealing with semi-structured and unstructured data. They can instead build compelling Web and mobile applications utilizing NoSQL storage and query concepts along with traditional SQL.

Attend this webcast to hear how enterprises, large and small, can develop applications that bridge the gap between new computing technologies designed for big data, cloud, and mobile computing, with their enterprise world of relational data.

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Discover the power of Recursive SQL and query transformation with IBM Informix in 12.1

This presentation will provide an overview of the Recursive SQL with the CONNECT BY clause feature. We will provide examples of typical practical database problems and describe in detail how they can be solved with recursive SQL. The problems discussed include for bill of materials, obtaining the number of employees for each manager in a particular sub-organization, converting linked dimension hierarchies in a star schema to fixed dimension hierarchies, tracking packages, and generating test data. This presentation compares the new solutions with traditional solutions of these problems and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the various methods. This presentation will also discuss the query transformation techniques with Informix vNext features which will focus on how query blocks are moved between different levels and optimized using examples and diagrams. Users will learn how to analyze complex examples based on various Informix 12.1 features. Examples included in this session are query block movement, table re-ordering, complex ANSI joins, sub-queries, derived tables, views, connect by, OLAP functions, setops cases.

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Query Optimizer Enhancements in 12.1

This presentation will focus on using explain output to

demonstrate recent improvements in query optimization such

as view folding, sub-query flattening, and hash join

support. Learn how to interpret various entities in explain

file such as optimizer costing, directives, access methods,

table order selection, filter analysis, sub query execution.

Explore set operators, view folding enhancements with outer

joins, subquery flattening with views, ANSI outer join to

Informix outer join transformation, hash join support in

ANSI JOIN, temp table optimization, predicate derivation in

ANSI JOIN, etc. using explain text.
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Internal and External tables: Tips and tricks to make it faster

This session will provide an overview of the eternal tables functionality. External tables is one of the popular features introduced in recent years. While the concept was similar to that in XPS but it supports lot more things in IDS. The session will cover internals of external tables and what makes it important to replace many existing tools. What are the key expect on using external tables to make it better, faster and efficient. 
This session will also discuss the database copy tools such as the database export/import, onunload/onload, unload/load, backup/restore which can be limited due to their performance, requirement to lock the source database tables, or their requirement for platform/version homogeneity. This new database copy tool can be used across heterogeneous platforms. It benefits from the high performance of Informix's External Tables that uses parallelism for the unload and load part of the data transfer. It sets multiple streams during the transfer and also uses OS pipes so there is added advantage of saving on temporary disk space. The talk will discuss the tool and also how to configure/tune to get the maximum benefit from External tables.

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Primary Storage Manager (PSM) a parallel backup alternative to ontape

This session will provide an overview of the PSM functionality. You will learn the features of PSM, the advantages as well as the usage of PSM.

We will review is PSM/onbar is easy to use as ontape but provide for faster backup/restore, we will also see how to export and import objects. Come to learn more about this easy-to-use and understand storage manager which lets users easily embed parallel backup/recovery solutions.
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Informix Chat with the Lab - Improve Databse Development Productivity & Save Tooling cost by using IBM Data Studio


This session will take on a customer use case and go through each step of the development cycle demonstrating how using IBM Data Studio will help to improve the productivity of Informix users. IBM Data Studio has something to offer for each type of user, a demo for Java developers, the rich Eclipse development integrated development environment and utilities to support Java application development. SQL developers and Administrators will learn how the IBM Data Studio helps to improve productivity by using various features like object management explorer. This powerful stored procedure debugger and deployment manager allows you to deploy multiple scripts on test and production all at once

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Informix Chat with the Lab - IBM PureApplication System IBM Informix Hypervisor Edition

This event is an introduction to how Informix works with IBM's Pure Family portfolio. Join us to learn about the flexibility of expert integrated systems and the value of using repeatable, deployable, and proven patterns of expertise through offerings that feature PureApplication System.

Informix Hypervisor Edition provides an add-on System Pattern enabled for easy integration with IBM’s PureApplication System. Learn how Informix leverages expert integrated systems to bring our virtual system to the Pure and IBM Workload Deployer managed environments.

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Informix Chat with the Lab - Efficient Database copy using External Tables


Customers require a fast and effective way to copy the Informix data across various Informix database systems running on heterogeneous platforms. These systems can also be running different versions of the Informix database. While existing tools such as the database export/import, onunload/onload, unload/load, backup/restore can be used to migrate, they can be limited either due to their performance, requirement to lock the source database tables, or their requirement for homogeneity.

This new database copy tool can be used across heterogeneous platforms. It benefits from the high performance of Informix’s External Tables that parallelizes the unload and load part of the data transfer. It uses multiple streams during the transfer and also uses OS pipes so there is added advantage of saving on temporary disk space otherwise needed for staging purposes.

This tool has been used successfully during customer Proof of Concepts (POC) and customers have hugely benefited from this tool because of its performance and its ease of use.

This talk will begin with a brief introduction of External tables including it's syntax, usage, architecture, as well as best practices.

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Informix Chat with the Lab - Informix in the Cloud Flexible Grid makes Informix ideal for cloud environment. A solution that can work with a heterogeneous system is required for scale-out scenarios. new nodes can be provisioned with ease and the node can immediately participate and handle workloads. The Flexible Grid ifxclone utility provides a quick setup (from a source node) and then the Connection Manager automatically makes the node participate in the workload. This session will provide an overview of the IBM PureSystems family. Click here for charts Click here for audio
Informix Business Partner Chat - IBM Informix Genero

Nov 15, 2012 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM (Central Time)

Learn how to grow your business by selling IBM Informix Genero into "White Space" accounts.

This session will provide and overview of creating apps for the next wave of computing and how to position the value prop to customers and solution providers that are not familiar with Informix or with Genero. It will also provide information on how to create applications with IBM Informix Genero, how to conduct a proof of technology for customers and how to provide them assistance in the early stages of development to make them successful.

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Informix Chat with the Lab - Informix Support - Helping Us Help You

Oct 30, 2012 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM (Central Time)
Informix Support is always there when you need them most. But you may not know that you can help Informix Support to diagnose and debug a problem by providing Must Gather Documents. These documents aid in problem determination, and save time resolving problems by explaining what information needs to be gathered prior to contacting Informix Support. Gathering this information helps familiarize you with the troubleshooting process and saves you time.

Support is working behind the scenes to make diagnose and debug problem easier and fulfill your troubleshooting needs. Over the time Informix Support added features that minimize downtime. You will see some of these features in daily use to reduce downtime and troubleshoot problems.
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Informix Chat with the Lab - Utilizing Informix in the Apple Eco System

Sep 27, 2012 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM (Central Time)
The presentation will cover iOS support for Informix.

Applications can be seamlessly written to Support Informix as the backend. The

development environment used on iOS via open source, web services etc. will be

detailed for application development. Discover creating Mac OSX application using

Informix ESQL/C and Xcode iOS using Informix as the backend.
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Informix Business Partner Chat - Fitrix ERP Software – Driving Informix sales into growing small and mid-size discrete manufacturing firms through industry-leading Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Sep 11, 2012 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM (Central Time)
Fourth Generation Software, the makers of Fitrix ERP, has been IBM/Informix business partners for over 20 years, and our software runs exclusively on and drives net-new sales of Informix database and Genero licenses into the SMB discrete manufacturing market that we target. No other software application in the SMB enterprise has the coattails that ERP does. A Fitrix ERP sale firmly positions IBM/Informix products prominently in these growing organizations, and drives additional license sales as they grow.

Our 21-module Fitrix ERP software suite has the feature set required by SMB manufacturers looking for a “real” ERP solution, but costs a fraction of what ERP solutions from Microsoft, Oracle or SAP do. With ERP licensing typically ranging from $1,500 to $3,000 per user, Fitrix leads the industry in price-performance and TCO, and leaves room in the budget for additional IBM software licenses.

Learn how partnering with Fourth Generation can help drive net-new IBM product sales into growing SMB enterprises in the dynamic discrete manufacturing market. Learn more at www.fitrix.com.
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Informix Chat with the Lab - OAT Health Advisor Plug-in Deep Dive

Jul 26, 2012 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM (Central Time)
The Health Advisor plug-in for OpenAdmin Tool allows you to monitor and analyze the health and performance of your Informix database sever. This session will be a deep dive into the Health Advisor, covering how it works and how to use it in OAT. We'll then discuss how you can customize the Health Advisor to add your own health checks and alarms. Click here for charts Click here for audio