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Informix on Campus

Welcome to the Informix on Campus wiki space! The IBM Informix team runs the "Informix on Campus"  program to educate faculty and students about Informix and support them in their use of Informix products. The Informix team has created this wiki page to host all the content related to this program.


To learn more about the Informix on Campus program and how universities can get access to IBM Software at no charge -  Informix on Campus - Overview


Here is a list of presentation topics that can be used to illustrate general database concepts. These presentations will be most effective when used in conjunction with hand-on training on IBM Informix. For additional topics and hands-on training check out the Informix in a Box page.


# Presentation Topic Size (MB) Download
1 Getting started with IBM Informix 1.46 Getting started with IBM Informix
2 Informix architecture 1.73 Informix Architecture
3 Database objects, database design, SQL 1.21 Informix SQL and Database objects
4 Indexing 3.51 Indexing
5 Database Security 1.39 Informix Security
6 Backup and Recovery 1.31 Informix BAR
7 Concurrency and locking 2.0 Informix Concurrency and Locking
8 Triggers and Stored Procedure Language (SPL) 1.17 Informix Triggers and SPL
9 Replication and High Availability 2.37 Informix Repl. and Availability


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The Informix on Campus team has recruited campus ambassadors to support the adoption of the Informix on Campus program in academic communities. The program is enthusiastically supported by the International Informix User Group (IIUG); members have contributed in creating the content for the program and are also available to support faculty members and talk to them and students about the use of Informix products in corporate world.

For questions or comments please contact us at idsoncampus at us.ibm.com .