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Welcome to the InfoSphere Streams Playbook

InfoSphere Streams is a platform that allows you to process information in real-time. It is an ideal platform that allows you to transparently distribute work over a number of commodity computers (nodes). As your need for power increase, you can quickly add nodes to answer your processing power needs.

This wiki will help you navigate the information available on InfoSphere Streams. It is divided in sections that can be quickly accessed through the table of content on the upper left. Note that the video included on this page is not up to date as it concerns the platform support but still gives you a great overview of how it works.

The wiki sections include:

Reference material

This is where you will find all the links related to the Information center and available redbooks for example

Video tutorials

This section points you to a set of video that will help you get up to speed with InfoSphere Streams

Video use cases

In here, you will find uses cases in video or text format. This will help you understand how InfoSphere Streams can be applied to multiple industries and business problems.

Other use cases

This section described additional use cases but not in video format.


In this section, we bring you information on the use of InfoSphere Streams with other software products, from IBM or otherwise. This is not an exhaustive list of products that can interact with InfoSphere Streams but a glimpse at the possibilities.

Developer corner

This section gives you links to development resources and examples of Streams programming. It also includes the link where to get an InfoSphere Streams evaluation copy (90-day evaluation).