Welcome to PowerHA Tools for IBM i

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PowerHA Tools for IBM i has been adopted as the umbrella term for the various management tools developed by the Lab Services Power Systems Delivery Practice -- specifically the Lab Services team specializing in PowerHA and external storage solutions on IBM i.

The previous toolkit by this name has been re-branded as Smart Assist for PowerHA on IBM i.

The new wiki page for that toolkit can be found below - please update your bookmarks!

Smart Assist for PowerHA on IBM i

The other tools that are part of PowerHA Tools for IBM i are part of either the IASP Manager tools or the Full System Manager tools.  Those bookmarks can be found below.

IASP Manager

Full System Manager

For DS8000 customers, an additional set of tools is available to help further manage storage environments.  That bookmark can be found below.

DS8000 Storage Management Toolkit for IBM i