What's New in the PDP

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The following page describes new features and functions recently added to the Virtual Loaner Program. Latest updates are recorded at the top of the page.

New Features and Enhancements - April 2013

POWER7+ systems are now available in the VLP

April 24, 2013

Today the VLP is announcing support for IBM's latest Power Hardware using the POWER7+ processor.  Standard reservations can now be processed on systems using the new POWER7+ processor.

In addition, several OS images have been updated to the latest OS support levels.  Currently provided OSs and releases for the POWER7+ systems are AIX 7.1 TL2SP2, RHEL 6.4 and SUSE 11 SP2.   Images saved from these OS releases are supported on previous hardware levels as well, however system images saved prior to this announce will not restore on the POWER7+ systems.

For access to these new systems, please go the VLP web site at ibm.com//systems/vlp

New Features and Enhancements - February 2012

Remote access for simplified solution porting and development on IBM PowerLinux

The IBM Virtual Loaner Program (VLP) now offers ISVs a set of pre-installed tools, including the Advance Toolchain, the IBM PowerLinux Software Development Kit (SDK) as well as a C++ Compiler for easier solution porting to and development on IBM Power Systems servers running Linux.

The Advance Toolchain provides development products specifically tailored to make use of IBM hardware features.

Complementing the Advance Toolchain, the IBM Linux SDK is a an integrated development environment (IDE) that integrates C/C++ source development with the Advance Toolchain, post-link optimization, and classic Linux performance analysis tools, including OProfile and Valgrind.

This no-cost access to the latest IBM Power Systems hardware, development tools and IBM middleware helps ISVs save time and resources, enabling them to move their solutions off competitive platforms and develop their solutions on IBM Systems more quickly and successfully. To find out more, go to the VLP .

Toolchain - http://linuxpatch.ncsa.uiuc.edu/toolchain/at/at5.0/suse/SLES_11/release_notes.at5.0-5.0-0.html

SDK - http://www-304.ibm.com/webapp/set2/sas/f/lopdiags/sdklop.html

New Features and Enhancements - March 2011

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 is now available on POWER7, POWER6 and POWER5. See what's new with RHEL6 - RHEL6 Details
  • Need more disk space? VLP now offers 35GB of disk space for AIX and Linux systems!
  • VLP Dynamic Disk provisioning is faster and more efficient. AIX and Linux systems are now provisioned within 30 minutes (compared to 2 hours)
  • Updated IBM Informix Dynamic Server user guide v.3.0 - VLP Setup Guide for Informix

New Features and Enhancements - Winter 2010

IBM Virtual Loaner Program (VLP) Announces IBM Industry Application Platform (IAP)

The IBM Virtual Loaner Program now offers the IBM® Industry Application Platform (IAP) pre-configured stack on AIX 6.1 and AIX 5.3 systems. The IBM® Industry Application Platform is a pre-configured instance of IBM WebSphere® Application Server, IBM DB2® and WebSphere MQ that is available for your IBM AIX® 6.1 and AIX 5.3 operating- system images on the IBM Virtual Loaner Program (VLP). You can use VLP to develop, test and validate applications by using these products. After reserving your VLP partition, which includes choosing the hardware configuration and operating system, install the IBM Industry Application Platform on that partition.

For details on how to use the IAP, check out the “IBM Industry Application Platform VLP guide”.


AIX 7.1 has been upgraded to SP1 as of 11/4/2010


New Features and Enhancements - Fall 2010

AIX 7.1 is GA and available on VLP as of September 12, 2010. VLP offers AIX 7.1 on POWER7, POWER6 and POWER5

The AIX 7 Open Beta is now closed. The Beta ran on VLP from July 17 - September 10th. 54 IBM Partners participated in the Beta on VLP.

VLP reservation system performance enhancement: time to create a reservation reduced by 60%

Versioned WPARs are a new function available with AIX 7 on POWER7. Refer to the VLP versioned WPAR User Guide

AIX Active Memory Expansion (AME) is now available for ISV testing. Refer to the VLP AME User Guide

More memory options are available with VLP systems. By default users can select 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 GB RAM when creating a new reservation


VLP now offering IBM POWER7

As of February 9th 2010, IBM PartnerWorld members can access the all new POWER7 system running AIX 6.1 or SLES 11. Leveraging IBM's virtual loaner program (VLP) can help you experience the new IBM POWER7, the next generation of Power Systems technology. This is a great way to test, port, evaluate, and demo your solutions on POWER7 AT NO-CHARGE!

We would love to get your input about POWER7 or your VLP experience in general. Here are ways to provide input:
  • End of Reservation Survey - users receive an e-mail towards the end of their reservation which contains a link to an online surevy
  • Comment on the VLP blog - www.ibm.com/developerworks/mydeveloperworks/blogs/vlp
  • Contact our VLP support through e-mail or Live Chat - both options available on VLP landing page under "We're here to help" on right side of screen - www.ibm.com/systems/vlp


Updates Winter 2009

SLES 11 is available for Linux on POWER5 and POWER6

VLP on Twitter - join the VLP on Twitter to receive updates on the Virtual Loaner Program, related ISV programs, and relevant IBM technology

VLP Connections Guide is now translated in Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Malay and French

PowerVM Lx86 is open to all users. If you are interested in learning more about this great feature, visit the PowerVM Lx86 program. Use the image names with PowerVM Lx86 for RHEL and SLES

Live Web Chat for user support - get quick answers to your questions under We're here to help



Power Blades: users can now test their solutions on the POWER6 blades. Simply select POWER Blade JS22 as the architecture type



Other news and updates from 2009

Use the VLP to validate your applications as Ready for IBM Power Systems Software. Find out more about this validation program then utilize the VLP to test:


Virtualization technology

Next step


AIX 6 Live Application Mobility Follow the VLP LAM user guide to get started allows you to move a running workload partition from one logical partition to another, on the same or different servers. Because this is an AIX-based technology it will work on any Power System that AIX 6 supports.

AIX 6 Workload Partitions (WPARs) For more details on how to create and work with WPARs on your VLP system please refer to the LAM user guide allows the partitioning of AIX 6 into multiple environments, each hosting applications and providing isolation from applications executing in the other environments.

VLP users with AIX 6 systems have the option to add a WPAR from the reservation management screen. Go to the VLP reservation info page and select the reservation action ‘Add WPAR’.

PowerVM Live Partition Mobility Follow the VLP LPM user guide to get started allows you to migrate running AIX or Linux partitions and their hosted applications from one physical server to another without disrupting infrastructure services.

The migration transfers the entire partition state, including processor context, memory, attached virtual devices, and connected users.

PowerVM Lx86 Enroll in the PowerVM Lx86 program to start testing the VLP brings new benefits to customers and application providers who want the reliability and flexibility of Power Systems in their Linux environment yet use applications that have not yet been ported to the platform.

IBM PowerVM Lx86 allows most Linux x86 binaries to run unchanged on POWER systems using translation software that translates x86.
Micropartitioning The VLP environment utilizes Power micropartitioning to create user LPARs. Simply test your application on a VLP system if you are already developing your application using the VLP, your validation for micropartitioning is complete!