Settings to Schedule Events with No End Date

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The Scheduler Manager settings that are accessible from IBM TRIRIGA Administration Console enable an administrator to configure the number of future scheduled events when the "No End Date" option is selected. The configuration is described below with an example of where it is used in IBM TRIRIGA Application.

How to set up Scheduler Manager on Admin Console

In IBM TRIRIGA, go to Admin console and select Scheduler Manager under Managed Objects. The default configuration is set for “Number for Recurrences When No End Date”. The user can change values that are based on the number of future events which they want to generate with no End Date and click Save action. This configuration is applied only when the “No End Date” option is selected on Event form.  


NOTE:  The Scheduler Manager settings are only applicable for Preventive Maintenance process in shipping application as of version 10.3.2 applications. The following steps help understand how these settings can be used in Preventive Maintenance process.

NOTEDo not change these to number lower than 50 for Daily, 25 for Weekly, 12 for Monthly, and 2 for Yearly. Also, do not change these unless directed to do so when working with IBM TRIRIGA Support.


Step 1:  In IBM TRIRIGA application, click Maintenance menu item. Under Related Links – Maintenance section, expand the Preventive Maintenance item and click Job Plans.

Step 2:  Click Add action to create a new Job Plan. Enter the required information on General tab and add an Asset and Location under Assets and Locations subtabs. Then, click Create Draft action.

Step 3:  Now click Add action under PM Schedules section to create a PM schedule. Enter Name and select Request Class.

Step 4:  Click “Create Recurring Pattern” link to open the PM Event form.

Step 5:  Under “Select an Occurrence Type” section, select DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, or YEARLY option to get the No End Date selection on “Select the End Criteria” section. Only this option uses the Scheduler Manager settings from Admin Console. After you select the No End Date option, set the required Recurrence pattern and click Next action. Now enter the offset Duration if needed and then click the Complete action.

Step 6: Click Create Draft action in PM Schedule form and then click Activate action to generate tasks by using the configuration from Admin console. The default value that is set for Daily Recurrences in Admin Console is 100. So, 100 tasks are created under Tasks section on Job Plan. When the task is completed, a new task is created with a future recurrence date to keep the number of future tasks at 100 always.