Reassigning Pending Approval Records

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How To:  Reassign Pending Approval Records for a Person in IBM TRIRIGA

A person could leave a company or an organization for various business reasons including termination, retirement, layoffs, new job role / promotion in a different organization, or departmental re-organization. In the IBM TRIRIGA, this person (user) could have pending Approval records in the system that needs to be reassigned. IBM TRIRIGA has a process to address this business need.  It can be accessed from the menu: Requests > Manage Requests > Other > Reviewer Admin.



The “Reviewer Admin” form allows an admin user to reassign the Approval records that are pending the person leaving the organization.  On the form, the user will select the ‘Currently Assigned To’ person and the ‘Reassign To’ person then click ‘Create Draft’ and ‘Issue’ to process it.  Then, processing occurs to update the ‘Currently Assigned To’ person’s Approval records to indicate each has been reassigned. The system also creates a new Approval records and assigns to the ‘Reassign To’ person. Standard request processing continues and it completes the Reviewer Admin record.  At this point, the ‘Reassign To’ person has pending approvals assigned to review and take action on.



In summary, the ‘Reviewer Admin’ functionality in IBM TRIRIGA assures that pending approval records are not lost in the system when the business situation of a person leaving the company or an organization occurs.