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Don't be confused... Licensing is fun and easy! Especially when explained clearly now in this presentation: Licensing Spectrum Virtualize with SVC TPC VSC V9000 V7000 and V5000


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respective Spectrum Storage name:       IBM Spectrum Control 

SAN & SRM - Tivoli Storage Productivity Center Virtualization - SAN Volume Controller  | Snapshot Management - Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager

respective Spectrum Storage names: IBM Spectrum Control        |          IBM Spectrum Virtualize          |                  IBM Spectrum Control and Spectrum Protect                              

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Virtual Storage Center live updates - http://ibm.co/H0Ckqb

Welcome to the IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center Wiki


IBM® SmartCloud™ Virtual Storage Center provides efficient virtualization and management of heterogeneous storage systems. It lets you migrate more quickly to an agile cloud architecture that can optimize storage availability and performance, while helping to reduce costs. IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center helps convert existing storage to IBM Smarter Storage, giving you more room for data growth and more simplified storage administration.

This wiki is intended to provide and share helpful and relevant information for users of SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center.

Latest News

Report: IBM Named #1 in Software Defined Storage Platforms

Comparison Reports: [Blog Link] Cost/Benefit Analysis of (1) VSC compared to EMC virtualization solutions, and (2) VSC compared to VMware virtualization solutions

5.2.3 - Highlights (August 22, 2014), now on Fix Central and Passport Advantage

Installing 5.2.3?  long live RTFM--Read the FRIENDLY manual--and check this out too! - TPC 5.2.3 Field Level Install Guide for Windows

New in 5.2.2 | New in 5.2.1Notes on updating to 5.2.1

Click Here to find out: Which VSC offering is best for me?

VSC Sessions at Edge 2014 


      VSC on YouTube - HOW TO videos

  • Storage Management Made Simple (7 minutes) A good overview that starts with the Single Pane of Glass "cup of coffee" views of whole environment (0:01) , drill down on storage systems (0:44), customize columns (1:00), performance tab (1:20), customizing tables (2:11), disk and RAID array drill-down (2:30), capacity trending & capacity breakdown (3:20), related resources (4:00), and viewing storage from the server point of view including adding agent-less servers--we can see the capacity its consuming from the storage environment (4:20), view custom set of volumes together and their performance (5:57), take an action on these volumes (6:30), do more performance trouble shooting (6:45), and the quick way to drive around the GUI: point and click (7:08)

  • Troubleshooting Storage Infrastructure Performance (10 minutes) Look at examples of drilling down and fixing storage performance problems.





 Click here for TPC & VSC Client-facing presentation Nov. 2014

Click here for SVC (including VSC) Client-facing presentation Sept. 2014


Announcement and Official Web Site


Support | FAQ

  • IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center support page
    • Defect? Open a problem management record (PMR) through IBM support for defects and please state that your product is "IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center" PID 5725-F92 (PPA) & PID 5608-W08 (AAS), rather than mentioning the individual underlying products (only exception would be in the case of Storwize V7000, which you should mention your SW PID 5639-VM1 to prove entitlement).

Storage Management and Storage Management Group (PLEASE JOIN!) on Service Management Connect.


Interoperability Information


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Related Products (comprising extended solutions)

  • SmartCloud Cost Management (formerly TUAM = Tivoli Usage and Accounting Manager). Tivoli Storage Productivity Center, the Storage Resource Management portion of SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center, is one of the supported data collectors for this product

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  • Follow this link for the IBM internal page (public on IBM Connections)



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