Why Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are not being applied

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It is very frustrating when you configure SLAs with commitments and try to apply them, only to get the message: "BMXAQ0090E - No service level agreement was found." This message might be displayed for one of the following reasons:



  1. The SLA status is DRAFT or not ACTIVE.
  2. The dates that have been entered are not valid, for example, they may be in the past.
  3. The SLA has different conditions to the work order or ticket.
  4. The SLA has a different location to the work order, ticket, or asset and configuration items.
  5. The SLA organization and site does not match with the work order or ticket organization and site.
  6. The SLA has different shifts than the work order or ticket.

  7. The date specified in the SLA is a non-working day.



  • André Eiji Missumi: Quality Assurance for Maximo for Service Providers
  • Gustavo Andrade Nery: Developer for Maximo for Service Providers