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Maximo provides an Open Reporting Architecture, designed to meet each of your unique business requirements. These unique client needs may be set by your industries, users, corporate standards or other external factors. Regardless of the reason,Maximo's architecture is very flexible in providing a variety of data analysis options, along with embedded and integrated reporting options.

A number of data analysis options are available to you within the Maximo applications, which enable you to quickly evaluate Maximo data - without investing in a custom report. These data options include Query by Example, KPIs, Result Sets, Ad Hoc Reporting and Application Exporting. You can find more details on these options here

Additionally, there are a number of report options available to you. BIRT is the embedded reporting tool in Maximo Version 7, and enables a deep, seamless reporting experience. Additionally, there are a number of report integration options available include Cognos, and the External Report Integration Option, which enables you to use the reporting tool and version of your choice.

To find out more on the options available for each release, click on the links below

       Maximo Version 7.6

       Maximo Version 7.5

       Maximo Version 7.1