Maximo 6 Reporting

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Within your Maximo 6 environment, you can utilize Maximo 7 reporting via functionality called V7RI, or Version 7 Report Integration. V7RI enables you to connect your Maximo 6 environment to a Maximo 7 BIRT report only server.

With V7RI, you will be able to access the Maximo 7 reports from the application's Run Report Menu, and after selecting one, a separate Maximo 7 browser session will display the report.

Utilizing the V7RI can streamline your future V7 report upgrades. When you create reports with V7RI, you are creating reports using the same functionality utilized today in Version 7, including the BIRT report designer, Maximo templates, libraries and data source. This will fast path your future V7 report upgrade as the only potential modifications required for your reports will be sql changes due to Maximo 7 database updates.

*NOTE:  V7RI is only supported with the Maximo 7.1 and 7.5 releases.  It is not supported with Maximo 7.6

You can review other key benefits on the V7RI in this BiLog entry here

For more details on the functionality access this wiki page, and for a recorded demo, click here