Integration Framework

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Integration Framework

The Integration Framework (I-F) which is part of the TPAE platform (which means its features are available to both Maximo and SCCD), provides multiple capabilities to integrate data between Maximo and other (external) applications within and outside of an enterprise. This section of the Wiki will walk through various examples of how the I-F can be enabled for different integration scenarios.  Content will be added to this wiki on a continuous basis.

NOTE: Discussions below will use Maximo as the application, however all features described here are also available in the SCCD product as well.  The content in this wiki will address specific integration scenarios, but will not cover all the capabilities of the I-F.  For a complete list of functionality available, please visit the 7.5 integration section  or 7.6 integration section of the Maximo Knowledge Center.

FEEDBACK: If you have comments about the content available in this section of the wiki or a suggestion for additional topics, please add a Comment at the bottom of this page.


Integration Topics

How do I determine which integration components to use for my integration scenario?

Maximo is installed, how do I confirm that I can send and receive data using the Integration Framework?

How do I decide which integration queue to use when bringing data into Maximo?

How can I customize my integration message processing without having to write Java code (Integration Controls and Processing Rules)?

How do I integrate Maximo data when there are no ‘out of the box’ integration components?

How do I enable application-based importing/exporting for my users (Dec-2013 - Updated version of Document!)?

When would I consider using the alternate key on an object in an object structure?

Need to call a SOAP-based Web Service from a Maximo application or Workflow?

OSLC - What is it and how can I use it?

Need to have your Invocation Channel fire on an Object Event?

How do I configure the Ticket Object Structures (MXSR, MXPROBLEM, MXINCIDENT) to support Classification Attributes?

Maximo 7.6 - Message Tracking Archiving Utility

Configuring Integration Security when using Maximo Authentication

JSON API Documentation for those using Maximo or higher

Federated Resource Documentation for those using Maximo or higher

InterConnect 2016 - MIF Presentation materials

JSON Mapper



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