Extended Content - Maximo BI Workpacks

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Maximo Business Intelligence (BI) packs enable insight into key functional areas of your business including Work Order, Asset, Asset Failure and Inventory Management.   Dynamic, configurable metrics in these key areas provide immediate visual displays of the status of these critical functional areas. 


The Maximo BI Packs are available beginning with the Maximo® Base Services Release.    A key component to this functionality is the integration to IBM Cognos ® Reporting Version 10.1.1 .   With Cognos 10.1.1, additional tools are available for you to visualize and analyze the Maximo data.  These tools include Cognos Business Insight and Business Insight Advanced.

Details on what is included within the Maximo BI Packs, including documentation, bilogs and recorded demos, are available at the links below: 

1.  Work Order Workspaces - Details delivered workspace content, which enable individual analytical exploration of the Maximo data

2.  Work Order Metric Reports - Highlights 4 delivered workorder metric reports, and the variety of locations they can be accessed from

3.   Asset Failure Workspaces - Highlights the 3 Asset Failure Workspaces highlighting Asset Failures, MTBF, MTTR and Asset Availability

4.  Asset Failure Reports - Reviews the Asset Failure report

5.   Asset Management Workspaces - Highlights the 3 Asset Management Workspaces focused around Asset Costs, Spare Parts and PM Plans

6.  Asset Management Reports - Reviews the 3 metric reports 

7.  Inventory Management Workspaces - Reviews the Inventory Management workspaces and filters of Site, Storeroom, ABC Type and Classification

8.  Inventory Management Reports - Reviews the 4 Inventory Management reports including Inventory Turns and Inactive Inventory

9.  Navigating the Extended Content -Reviews how the Workspaces can be accessed from Cognos, using the Work Order workspaces as an example

10.  Customizing the Extended Content - Reviews how you can update the content for your unique business needs

11.  Extended Content Demos - Lists a variety of demos available focusing on how you can utilize this content

12.  Content Download - Links to the ISM Library download of the Maximo BI Packs

13.  Learn More - Provides Links to download detailed documentation, BiLogs, demos and the BiPacks.



A.  This extended content is available for releases of Maximo and higher, and Cognos 10.1.1. This content is not available if you use TCR (Tivoli Common Reporting) with Maximo as that integration supports up to Cognos 8.4.1 only.
B.  This content targets the Maximo Power User.  This user may be a small percentage of your user base. They have a very high level of technical skills and database understanding, along with the business need to analyze and view data in different formats.   The power user will be viewing this data in a very different Interface, with very different actions, than Maximo.  Additionally, the initial views displayed may not be what the user requires.  Therefore, they will require visualization and investigative skills to refresh the data to meet their individual needs.   For more details on Maximo report users, click here
Matching this extended content functionality to the skill sets of your Power Users provides a very effective combination in analyzing your Maximo data.