Developing BIRT Reports

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Report developers use the Eclipse Based BIRT Designer Tool to create or customize Maximo Based Reports. Utilizing the popular Eclipse Platform reduces learning curves and minimizes unique development platforms.

To enable the report integration, custom library, style sheet, templates and data sources are used. These files insure a consistent, look and feel for all reports, plus most importantly, insure that reports will execute correctly from the various Maximo applications. These files must be used on all custom reports to insure the report integration executes properly.

The BIRT Designer is installed on the client machine of the Java Developer(s) who will be creating or customizing reports. It is not required to be on each user’s machine – only those users who will be creating or customizing reports. Since the BIRT Designer executes off the Eclipse Framework, Eclipse must first be installed on the Java Developers Workstation, and then the BIRT Designer is installed within Eclipse.

This subset of wiki pages will focus on the key areas of report development including version support, install, and creating and customizing report design files. For more information, please see the reference materials section to download the Report Development Guides, and review the latest information via BiLog entries.