Configuring the user interface

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The links on this page provide information about how to configure the IBM® Maximo Asset Management user interface.

Application configuration best practices: Learn how to use the Application Designer to customize your user interface.

Adding a new field using Application Designer: View a beginner tutorial on how to add a new field to an application dialog using Application Designer.

Adding information to the user interface: Learn how to add additional information, such as fields or sections into an application to improve the efficiency of your end users.

Configuring the type-ahead feature: Learn how to configure the type-ahead feature on the Maximo Asset Management server so that users can complete their day-to-day activities more efficiently.

Customizing Headers with corporate colors and logo: Learn how to customize the Maximo Asset Management header with your corporate colors and logo.

Hiding sections of the user interface: Learn how to improve usability by hiding sections of the user interface that are not needed by your users. For example, you might want the approvers of your work orders to see only the main Work Order tab of the Work Order Tracking application and not be distracted by any of the other tabs.

Making long description a text field: Maximo Asset Management 7.5 added the ability to use a Rich Text Editor for the long descriptions. Learn how to configure the product to use the text area for long descriptions again.

Stylize a label or text control to draw attention to a field or value: Learn how to draw attention to a particular field by stylizing its label or internal text.

UI Best Practices for Products Built on Tivoli's process automation engine: This document describes the screen layout features, UI style and details, and accessibility features that result in an optimally usable product UI.Follow the best practices that are provided in this document to ensure that the UI remains consistent, accessible, and easy to navigate and use.

UI framework event handling: Learn how the user interface framework handles events when users press buttons or interact with widgets.

Rich Text Formatting in Maximo and SmartCloud Control Desk 7.5: Learn how to add rich text to long descriptions and other parts of the user interface.