Cognos Reporting

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An integration to the Cognos Reporting Products is available starting with Maximo This integration extends the current suite of reporting tools that Maximo enables into the Cognos Reporting Products includingf Developers Studio, Query Studio, Cognos Connection and Framework Manager

The Cognos integration enables you to further analyze the powerful Maximo dataset. By enabling detailed drilldown analysis capabilities, users will have powerful flexibility and capability in analyzing data. Users can see and access Cognos reports from within the various applications. Based on the user’s report inputs, the Cognos reports are displayed in a separate browser session within the Cognos Portal. This is enabled through a silent log-in to the Cognos Server, where the user is authenticated.


Within the subset of Cognos report pages here, you will find a variety of information on this integration including

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Maximo 7.6 Cognos Demos:  Including Application and Trending Workspaces

Maximo 7.1/7.5 Demos: Integration and Ad Hoc Reporting Demos

FAQs: Enablement, Meta Data, and the Integration Features

Maximo 7.6 Reference Materials: Including Installation Guide, Feature guide and BI Pack Content

Maximo 7.1/7.5 Reference Materials: Installation and Integration Manuals, and BiLog Reference links