Cognos Property Settings

The following property settings must be configured in Maximo to enable the Maximo-Cognos Report Integration in the Maximo 7.1 and 7.5 releases

Integration Property Settings


Cognos Dispatcher/Gateway URI. It is used to launch Cognos reports. For example: http://myhost:port/cognos8/cgi-bin/cognos.cgi OR http://myhost:port/p2pd/servlet/dispatch/ext

*Note: the .../ext URL should only be used in a deployed Cognos environment. Otherwise the images won't be available


Cognos CSP Namespace which holds information on Users, Security Groups and Roles.


Required system property that defines the database type from which metadata will be extracted. Valid property values include:

DB2 (IBM DB2®), OR (Oracle), SS (SQL Server)


Optional system setting used when MXCSP is used for authentication. This setting is used to validate token issued by Version 7 instance when executing reports

Package Publishing Property Settings


Required system properties (for Maximo installations running SQL Server database).Identifies the catalogue name associated with the SQL Server database


Required system property that defines the database schema name from which the metadata will be extracted

**This value MUST be provided in UPPERCASE. If it is not, the package creation process will fail with an error of ‘Invalid Schema Name’.


Optional system property that defines the data source to which the metadata package will be associated with.


Optional system property that defines a location under the Cognos Content Store PUBLIC folder where the metadata package will be created

The package location specified in this property MUST exist in the Cognos Content Store, under the PUBLIC folder BEFORE initiating the publish process

For more details on these property settings, reference the Maximo-Cognos Installation guides noted on this page