Cognos Demos

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To highlight the Maximo Cognos report integration, a variety of report demonstrations have been prepared for you. These demos highlight how the integration is enabled, how users access and execute Cognos reports and how Cognos Ad Hoc reporting is enabled. For more details on these recorded demos, click on the pages below

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Maximo Version 7.6 - Cognos 11 Certification

1. Maximo 76 Cognos 11 Certification Overview video

2.  Maximo 76 Cognos 11 Dashboard Introduction video


Maximo Version 7.6

1.  Introduction to Maximo Cognos Reports Demo Recording

2.  Introduction to Maximo BI Packs (Application Workspace) Demo Recording

3.  Introduction to Maximo Trending Workspaces Demo Recording

4.  Creating Business reports using Cognos Workspace Advanced Demo Recording

   *Note:  This is part of a 5 part series

For a full listing of Maximo 7.6 Cognos Demos, access this page


Maximo Version 7.5 - BI Packs Demos


Maximo Version 7.5

1.  Maximo Cognos Meta Data Report Demo

2.  Maximo Cognos Report Integration Demo

3.  Maximo Cognos Ad Hoc Reporting Demo


Maximo Version and Above (With Cognos 10.1.1 License Entitlement)

4.  A variety of Maximo BI Packs utilizing Cognos can be found in these Demos