Administering BIRT Reporting

Administration is a key reporting process defining report security, performance enablers and management of individual reports.

Maximo's Report Administration application enables administrators to configure and manage reports. Based on standard Maximo functionality and user interface, the report administration features include importing and exporting of report designs to the database repository, and defining and viewing report security. Within this application, you can also configure reports to enable application tool bar access, priorities, record limits and parameters. The ability to register and view multiple data sources is also available.

Within this application, administrators can also define performance enablers including record Limits to prevent end users from inadvertently executing reports against large record sets, and specifying Schedule Only functionality. Schedule only functionality can be implemented on complex, batch reports to define the exact days and times of the week when the report can be executed. Additionally, administrators can use tools like the Performance Tab and Viewing Report Processing to monitor report performance

Also, report security – which users can have access to which reports – is enabled in the Report Administration application. Security can be granted at the individual report level, the application level or can be granted access to all reports. Multiple views are available so you can quickly see which reports each security group has access to. Additionally, with the embedded reporting tool, no synchronization of security groups with external reporting systems is required.

This subset of wiki pages will focus on the key administration areas of reporting including Performance Enablers, Security, Importing and Exporting reports, and many other features.