EGL Distance Learning

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For those of you that would like to take this course on your own, you can download the recordings and do the workshops from an earlier seminar.


  • Rational Business Developer installed (course materials use 8.0.1, though most concepts still apply to v9)
  • At least two years of experience using a software programming language, for example, RPG, COBOL, PL/1, Visual Basic, or PowerBuilder.
  • A general knowledge of SQL, computer skills, and a basic understanding of Web technologies is assumed.



  • Eclipse IDE
  • Using the development workench
  • Introduction and deep-dive into the EGL language
  • Creating, consuming, and using 3rd party WSDLs
  • EGL database and sequential file access
  • EGL calling Java programs, and System i and System z resources (for example, calling RPG and COBOL programs remotely)
  • Web 2.0 Terms and Concepts
  • EGL/Rich UI introduction and project architecture
  • EGL/Rich UI Programming Model
  • Widgets and Views
    • IBM
    • Custom
    • Complex
  • Web 2.0 Programming Techniques (ex. Run-time HTML Drag & Drop)
  • Calling Services:
    • SOAP Web Services
    • REST Services
  • Inter-application communication and messaging
  • Creating reusable components

    And more ...

Course Materials

Course Presentations, Workshops, Installation instructions, and Derby Database zip files


The recordings can be accessed from here:

The file names are:

  • EGLDLDay*Session1.wmv
  • EGLDLDay*Session2.wmv

These are in Windows Media Viewer format.

To download the recordings do the following:

  • open a command line window on your machine.
  • Type: ftp
  • When the ftp server responds, enter anonymous as the User ID and your email address as the password.
  • When logged on, type: cd software/rational/egl/recordings
  • type: ls -l (to see the contents of the directory.)
  • Type: bin (to set the download to binary)
  • Type: mget EGLDLDay*.*
  • Type: y (in response to the server)
  • When done downloading, type: bye.
The presentation materials are available at: